8 Great Companies That Offer a Lifetime Warranty on Their Products

Some companies offer pretty terrible warranties on their products.

Paying an extra $250+ for a three-year warranty on an already expensive MacBook, for example, is pretty irritating.

Other companies, meanwhile, pride themselves on long-term savings for their customers and offer lifetime warranties. They expect their products to stand the test of time – and accept the onus of compensation when something does go wrong.

Which is more than you could ever expect from the iPhone.

Here are 8 great companies and services that back their product with a lifetime of care and attention:

Speaking of iPhones, when yours inevitably does throw in the towel, bring it to iCracked for repair before dealing with the Apple Store (if you’re out of AppleCare, that is). They repair i-everything except notebooks, as well as Samsung models, and will even pick up your device at home. The repair is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

i-really need to stop dropping my phone.


Backpacks are about as feeble as it gets, so getting one that’s backed by the security of free lifetime repair or replacement would be a wise choice. Plus, they’re way past the trend stage, which means they’re just about to be cool again.

Do you think the dog can skateboard?


Dr. Martens
Want to know why people wear their Docs for life? It’s because they literally buy ‘For Life’, which is Dr. Martens’ lifetime repair or replace-protected collection of shoes and boots.

Not to be confused with that Doc that sends you back to the future.


Regular lighters cost next to nothing, so when you make the discerning choice to splash some cash on a Zippo, you can rest assured they’ll keep your flame going forever.

For all those times you need to create fire.


Tupperware products are covered against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling by a limited lifetime warranty – as if you were going to buy plastic containers from another brand anyway.

Otherwise known as an adult lunchbox.


L.L. Bean
We’re including the beloved American retailer on our list because there have been rumours of Canadian locations opening in the near future and shipping North of the Border is free too. All products come with a ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ label – which means you can return anything that doesn’t guarantee your satisfaction. Even without a receipt.

J.J Bean tried, but they just couldn’t compete.


Their super-strong locks come with a lifetime warranty and key replacement services, but it’s the one-year anti-theft protection that’s really alluring. They will not, however, track down and return your stolen bike.

Superman himself can’t break these locks.


Headphones also fall into that category of perpetually broken products. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a pair of headphones, so investing in a lifetime-backed pair by Milwaukee-based Koss is a sound decision.

Kosst effective.