8 Everyday Things That Really Annoy Feminists

It’s 2016 and if the word “feminism” didn’t make people uncomfortable before, it sure does now that the United States elected Trump.

I can explain how feminism is simply the belief that women and men should be equal in every aspect of life but you should know this by now. For us who do know this, living in a world that isn’t structured in a politically correct way can be frustrating.

Beyond glass ceilings, there are several barriers in everyday interactions and moments that can really piss us off. And so, here are eight things that annoy feminists to no end.


1. Being called ‘Honey,’ ‘Sweetie’ (or any other cutesy pet name)
Hey, you know what we’re not? Flavours. I am not honey, and I’m not sweet. I’m an adult who doesn’t need to be reduced to a taste as a way to compliment me. This applies more so to strangers. I’m not going to freak out if my boyfriend calls me ‘honey’ one night because the context is different. But when the subway kiosk lady asks if I “want a receipt, honey?” I’m going to give her a passive aggressive side eye look.

2. “That’s good, for a girl.”
I know you think this is outdated but it still happens. There are instances where women are treated as though they should just be happy they got invited – we’re not here to provide an opinion, only to maintain a passive presence. And sometimes, it’s not even explicitly said but more so implied. Why is it that anything that’s accomplished by a female is graded relative to her gender? She should be evaluated as a human and given feedback as an equal.


3. Salad ads
I may be nitpicking here but why do all salad ads feature and speak to females? The lady in the ad is always from a cookie cutter template: a blonde woman in her mid-twenties who’s laughing while taking a big bit of her kale wonderland. What’s so funny?! I guess this applies to how men are constantly in meat/steak ads. What if Bryan just wants a salad and Tessa wants a damn medium rare sirloin?

4. “I’m being such a girl right now.”
It’s very frustrating when men make sexist or stereotypical claims about women but when women do it to themselves, it’s a whole new level of unbearable. This phrase is usually coupled with some form of emotional outbursts or reaction because God forbid a woman is emotional –it must be because she’s a woman… and has a uterus… and a period.


5. Hearing someone use the words ‘Broad,’ ‘B*tch’ or ‘C*nt’
I think this one goes without saying.

6. Being called ‘girl,’ instead of ‘woman’ or ‘lady’
We don’t refer to any man over the age of 25 as a boy; he’s either a guy or a man. And yet, women of all ages are often labelled as ‘girls’ even when they’re 42 years old, working a 9-5, and have a family. We even go so far as to precede someone’s career title with ‘girl’ – i.e “A girl cop pulled me over today.”


7. The “Who wore it better?” battles
Why does it need to be Rachel McAdams or Elizabeth Banks? Why can’t it be both? What is this boxing ring mentality we’ve placed upon women in the media?

8. Magazine covers
“Ten ways you can blow him and his mind.” “Seven ways to land the guy of your dreams.” Since when are we living for men? I’m all for female advice when it’s asked for. But unsolicited woman-to-women advice definitely irks me.

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