8 Adorable Animal Videos to Get You Through Your Hangover

Look, we get it, you had a late night of “networking”.

Now, for some reason you’re awake and staring at a screen hoping it will distract you from the fact that the room is rotating around you.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect distraction, which will deliver the perfect medicine (laughter, not more booze). Hangovers are the worst, but we’re sure these videos will leave you feeling a bit better about your life, one minute at a time…

1. This adorable puppy who’s the MOST excited to see his owner and he can’t stop himself from showing it:

2. This fluffy kitten confused by where it’s toy keeps disappearing to:

3. This teeny tiny sugar glider who eats an orange and falls asleep…oh and by the way his name is Trevor:

4. A tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza. Yes it’s exactly what it sounds like and yes it’s amazing:

5. A cute baby bunny washes her face to some smooth jazz…go ahead and relax with this furball:

6. The cutest baby foxes you’ve ever seen gallivanting about in a backyard.

7. Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati zoo.

8. A baby monkey riding backwards on a pig. If you haven’t seen this, welcome to one of the greatest things the internet has ever done.