7 Vancouver Spots for Men to Handle Their Manscaping

We already broke down the reasons why grooming is necessary

But aside from taking care of this terrifying task on the regular, are you lost on where to start?

‘Cause everyone knows a key part of the manscaping process is who will be taking all that excess hair off your body.

And let’s face it, there needs to be a high level of trust.

Wax. Laser. Thread. Whatever the method(s), your relationship with your manscaper is about to become one of the most important in your life. 

The number one recommendation when it comes to certain hair removal techniques and areas that require attention: don’t try it at home.

Seriously, just put the tweezers down.

Stripped Wax Bar
The ‘Strippers’ here mean business. That’s the name of their wax technicians. The owners of the three Vancouver locations are a husband and wife duo, which means the husband understands a dude’s manscaping fears and it’s already been taken into consideration.

Wax Bar by Manscape Spa
Opening the first week of February, this new spot dedicated completely to men is an offshoot of a spa in Victoria with the same focus. Located right in the downtown core, hair removal for busy men will become even more convenient.

A Touch Above
Aside from brow grooming and waxing, A Touch Above also offers mani and pedi options, the Manly Facial, an Eye and Lip Infusion, a 30-minute stress buster massage, and even brow tinting.

Cutie Pie Wax Bar
What could be so scary about going to a place with Cutie Pie in the name, right? With the brozilian and a special service to look after the hair in your nostrils, Cutie Pie Wax Bar isn’t just for the girls.

Don Lucia
This lady once dominated Vancouver as the go-to for a brazilian wax. Still armed with a heavy roster of clients, if you want a legend looking after your bits, head to Don Lucia.

Urban Body Laser
Men are the fastest growing demographic for laser hair removal. The Balls and All treatment is, well, exactly what you think. If you’re thinking of starting slow, don’t worry, you don’t have to dive in – start with your arms, back, or whatever body part that will build up enough courage to tackle the rest.

Pacific Dermasthetics
If you want to take a clinical approach, dermatologists not only look after skin concerns but offer treatments too. From hair removal to injections (a little Botox is not as uncommon among men as you may think), certified experts offer a bevy of options right in the office. 


Cover image from: imgkid.com

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