7 Unlikely Places to Watch a Film in Toronto

It’s movie night.

And when it comes to watching movies in Toronto, sometimes you want to forego the typical Cineplex and the Lightbox for something a little different.

Well, here are 7 venues you might not have realized screen films on a semi-regular basis. 

Double Double Land
Kensington Market’s beloved DIY venue is home to many things, and screenings are one of them. You’re likely to find a local film or the debut Toronto run of international films that have made waves at festivals playing here.

If you’re in on the growing cult love for VHS, you probably already know about their Video Vengeance series. This trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so why not indulge your childhood nostalgia with a grainy projection.

This Kensington performance and arts space is also home to a variety of screenings, including their experimental shorts program, Regional Support Network. This is the place to go to see something you definitely won’t catch anywhere else.

Daniels Spectrum
While the space hosts a variety of screenings throughout the year, the best time to check out their screening space is during their popular Regent Park Film Festival programming.

This 70-seat theatre and bicycle repair shop is beloved by cinema lovers around the city. With a variety of screenings ranging in genre being projected on everything from 8mm to 35 mm, it may not be the most comfortable screening experience – but the free popcorn and inclusive community will make it worth the visit every time.

Reg Hartt’s CineForum – aka the screening room in his home on Bathurst Street – is legendary in the film scene for many reasons. You’ve probably seen his posters for Radiohead and Pink Floyd mash up films all over the city over the years. And while it might feel a bit odd to watch a film in a man’s living room, he’s been doing it for decades, and it’s a rite of passage for any film lover in the city.

Located within the Stephen Bulger Gallery, Camera is a 50-seat screening room that Atom Egoyan had a hand in creating. For that reason, this space leans more upscale than most of the others we’ve mentioned. If you’re a budding filmmaker – it’s the perfect space to rent out to screen your latest conception.


Cover image from: istock.com/aerogondo

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