7 Signs You Have Coachella FOMO

We don’t have to tell you that this past weekend marked the first weekend of California’s beloved Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival… aka Coachella. You’ve seen it plastered all over your social media pages through the ample pictures, videos and status updates that make us all question why the hell we are not there. Here are seven signs you may be experiencing Coachella FOMO…

You are secretly glad that Outkast’s performance got cut short
We all grew up with Outkast and the fact that the hip-hop group, who had not performed on stage together for 10 years, were set to hit the Coachella stage made us wish even harder we had splurged on that Coachella trip. When their performance was abruptly cut short on Friday after a series of technical issues (meaning a finale of The Whole World was cut), resulting in a number of angry Twitter posts, you were somewhat pleased. Be honest.

You tried on your teeny-weenie jean shorts or muscle shirts
There is, of course, a very specific dress code when it comes to Coachella that invites younger, skin-baring, more care-free wardrobe choices than we are used to in our daily young professional lives. After the long-ass winter we have suffered through, layering virtually every part of our bodies with clothing, we are naturally going to be envious of our scantily dressed Facebook friends in clothes we only wish it were warm enough to wear. That’s why you busted out your summer gear from hibernation over the weekend.

You hit the gym at twice the intensity this weekend and plan to do so this week
Let’s be honest, those outfits look all the better thanks to the #fitforcoachella bodies that wear them, no doubt the result of weeks and weeks of prep work. All of a sudden yesterday’s indulgent Sunday brunch may not have been so appealing, as you scrapped it for the gym, silently vowing to look even better in Coachella-esque gear than they did… at the odd chance that it ever gets warm enough here in Canada to wear it and just in case the muddy parks turn into grass.

You have started to ignore your Facebook and Instagram accounts altogether
If you see one more shot of the Ferris wheel, #selfies with celebrities or dessert sunsets, you may just break your phone and computer altogether and have been on social media a lot less over the past few days as a result.

You have attempted to get your friends together for a group park date last weekend or this
Though nothing can compare to the full Coachella desert experience, you have been inspired to organize a group Sunday Funday in the park, whether yesterday (depending on where in the country you live) or next weekend, just so you may at least try to pretend it comes close replicating to the Coachella vibe. No matter how Coachella you dress, how much music you blast, how many guitars you have or how many other recreational activities you partake in, it still won’t be the same.

You will refuse to listen to Arcade Fire for the next two weeks (at least).
It is just too soon, too painful. Listening to the beloved band, who, of course, are one of the headliners at this year’s festival, will never be the same as seeing them perform live at Coachella.

You are planning next year’s trip
Enough is enough, and you have vowed to not suffer the same FOMO next year. You have already looked into accommodations, given your significant other the heads up and have all but booked your plane tickets out there.


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Cover image: Coachella Facebook

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