7 Recently Rediscovered Truths

Seven days, seven life lessons reconfirmed. That was the story of our life as of late. Sure, some were more meaningful than others, but if these aren’t the truth, then we don’t know what is…

1. There is never going to be a good time to go into an Apple Store.
Not first thing the mall opens, not right before it closes, and especially not on Sundays when you think that everyone must still be sleeping off their hangovers; there is never an ideal time for a visit to the Apple Store. As saturated as the store always is with those blue t-shirt-clad computer kids (i.e. Apple employees), you are always going to have to wait to speak to someone about your failing computer in the midst of your panic over the good, bad and ugly that it stored.

2. If you have to work in the morning, don’t stay out past midnight Sunday-Wednesday.
As on the ball as you have trained yourself to be with a mild hangover, and as many more options open up with the patio doors this summer, it is never a good idea to be out past midnight Sunday through Wednesday. There is no work event that should drag on that late, and if it did, you’re probably too buzzed or tired by that time to make any valuable connections at that point anyway and could instead end up looking like a total jackass and losing your keys and wallet in the cab (then you’re really screwed for getting to work the next day). Plus, it will ruin your game for the entire week. Thursday nights, on the other hand…

3. It is not okay to make out in an elevator if there are others in it.
We get the whole 80s movie appeal of getting a little adventurous with your significant other (or even an intriguing stranger if that’s your thing) in an elevator. But not when there are others in it. No matter how much you’ve had to drink, at least try to take a look around for others either entering or already in the elevator before you go at it. And if you are one of those others, pray the thing doesn’t get stuck. 

4. It is impossible to watch someone eat ice cream and not want it yourself.
Unless you’re among the unfortunate set cursed with lactose intolerance, just try to watch someone else eat ice cream on a sunny Sunday and not want some yourself. Whether it’s that couple walking with chocolate cones or your mint chocolate chip flavour-savouring significant other who won’t give you a bite because you turned down your own, those silent ice cream eaters (ever notice how even the loudest person shuts up with an ice cream cone?) will make you want what they have. So get your own. 

5. If you end up chasing a party, it is never going to happen.
We all do it. We figure that just because it is Friday or Saturday night (or even Thursday, in our case) that we really should get out of the house and let loose for all of our swear word-inducing hard work during the workweek. That’s just fine – if there is something going on. Sure, hit the event, the engagement party or your best friend’s birthday dinner. That’s one thing. It’s another, however, to go out for the sake of it, with high hopes but no plans, and end up chasing a party that never materializes. It ends up being a waste of your time (as in beauty sleep), money and an outfit. It is made worse if you don’t return home with at least one new number or Instagram follower.

6. The passport office is just depressing.
Between the fact that it is only open during office hours (try explaining that to your boss when you already got an extra few days of vacation), the dozens upon dozens of impatient fellow passport seekers/renewers, the no-nonsense employees (smile, will ya?) and the stale air, the passport office is far from paradise. Even with your iPod.

7. If you don’t call or write, they’ll want you more.
Your mom has told you this since the first (and maybe last) time you asked her for dating advice. But when the three of you came out of the woodwork for spring this week, wondering (whether it had been days or months) how we had been (aka where we had gone), we could write with confidence in our Mother’s Day card that she, indeed, always knows best (which may also be called number 8).

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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