7 Reasons You Should Go to the Distillery Christmas Market

If you’ve never spent an evening soaking up all the Historic Distillery District has to offer, then you’re missing a side of Toronto unlike any other. Modern art galleries fill stone buildings that have stood more than a century and a half, Cafe and brewpub patios spread themselves across charmingly uneven cobblestone, and pedestrian-only streetscapes house charming vendors selling local goods. And this is all before the Christmas market comes to town and takes this whole area to a whole new level of enchantment. If only the Griswolds had vacationed here, their Christmas might have turned out a little differently.

It’s Magical
We don’t mean you’re going to find unicorns and David Blaine holding hands. We mean it feels like you’re stepping into a fairytale. 

It’s Romantic
Just try not to holds hands with someone in this place – we dare you. The lights, the sounds, and the smiling faces all around you make it nearly impossible not to feel close to the one you’re with. So, um, maybe leave your siblings at home…

It’s Alcoholic
Mulled wine, specialty coffees, craft beer, and free scotch tastings. Holiday shopping has never tasted so good. You’re welcome.

It’s Beautiful
Cobblestone, heritage buildings, Christmas lights. What more do you people want!? What’s that – you need a spectacularly lit ferris wheel and an old-school carousal too? Fine, they have both.

It’s Local
Everything from the 45-foot White Spruce Christmas tree (donated by Trees Ontario) to the dozens of huts filled with Ontario craftspeople, artists, and artisans selling all kinds of holiday merchandise and gifts. It’s like the Internet but with faces.

It’s European
We know we said it’s local – and it is – but have you ever been to the Distillery District? There’s a reason Hollywood loves to film its Euro scenes here. Also, the entire ethos behind the event is taken from markets that originated in Germany in the early 1400s. So they’ve got that going for them, too.

It’s Free
It’s pretty hard to spend a few hours out and about in this city without also spending some hard earned cash. And while it’s both fun and easy to drop some dimes at the Christmas Market, at least the price to get in is right around that perfect number we like to call zero.

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