7 Reasons You Should Attend Fan Expo This Weekend

By Lisa Lagace

Unless you consider yourself to be on the nerdy side (the cool nerdy side, obviously), you might not automatically think to yourself, “I need to be at Fan Expo this weekend.”

Seems rational.

In fact, you might not even know what Fan Expo is.

While we’ve all heard of Comic-Con, its brother, Fan Expo, seems to be more under the radar to the general population.

Don’t worry though, it’s not as nerdy as you might think. Well, if we’re being honest, it definitely is – but if you’re a young, creative professional, there are still a lot of reasons you’ll want to stop by this weekend.

There are tons of very important people that make the rounds during Fan Expo. It’s where film, television, and comic companies go to promote their latest work. And thus, is a great place to meet new people who might be looking for your writing, your art, your ideas, and your skills. ‘Cause everybody loves good skills.

If you’re in the creative world, there are a bunch of great sessions going on to help you build your craft, such as Crowdfunding With Kickstarter: How To Fund Your Dream, How To Pitch A Story and Lolita Street: Style and Fashion. Artists can also bring their portfolio to the Marvel and DC portfolio review sessions for critiques and advice.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dress in steampunk style or are curious about what really goes into cosplay dressing, here’s your chance to learn with the pros. Be warned, cosplay appears to be a bit of a one way rabbit hole…

Support Local Artists
Head to Artist Alley in the South Building and buy some original works from local and international emerging artists. Here you will find independently published graphic novels, fan art, jewelry, clothing, and more. The next Stan Lee is likely sitting there waiting to be discovered. (Yes, the real Stan Lee will also be in attendance.)

If you’d rather get a little more time with celebs than you will at TIFF next week, spend some time at Fan Expo where Elijah Wood, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner will be among some of the celebs giving Q&A’s and autograph sessions.

This is the one place where you will see people dressed up like it’s Halloween – and for them, it is Halloween. Every. Single. Day. They go big; and it’s always a sight to be seen. If nothing else, it should give you some inspiration for your costume come October 31st.

Sneak Peaks
This is where film and television – well the sci-fi, horror, comic, and anime genres – come to promote themselves. If you’re really into The Walking Dead, or that new sci-fi show scheduled to premiere in the fall, get the chance to watch it before everyone else.


Images: facebook/fanexpocanada

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