7 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Fall in Love

There’s no better time to be single in the city than summer.

While the easy breezy days of summer are a good time for being carefree and unattached, it’s also the best time to fall in love.

Here’s why…

1. You Have More Free Time
Even if the two of you are soulmates, it’s pretty difficult to fall in love when hectic work schedules only allow you to see one another once every week or so. In the summer, though, work tends to free up for most of us, allowing more time to spend with that person you’ve been waiting forever to find.

2. You’ll Wallet Takes Less of a Beating
Let’s be honest: dating can take a major toll on the wallet. When no-fail date options include things like waterside walks, picnics, and BBQs, the dating phase of a relationship is so much more affordable in the summer.

3. Steamy Summer Sex. Period
If you had to place the word “sensual” into a season, it would definitely be summer. Summertime invites steamy outdoor make-outs (whether on the beach, on the dark, or in breezy city streets) and the uniting of sweaty, sun-kissed bodies, warm and salty from a day at the beach. There’s no better sex than in-love summertime sex.

4. You’ll Have a Date for All the Fun Summer Activities
From cottage weekends, to BBQs, concerts and weddings, falling in love in the summer means that the whole “falling” phase will be even more fun and varied. You’ll have a trusted wingman for your jam-packed summer social calendar. You also get someone to spend the weekends with when all of your friends are out of town.

5. You Look Better
Sure, it may sound a little superficial. But everyone looks better in the summer when they’re bathing suit-ready with a tan. When you look better, you feel better. This results in everything from a confidence boost to better sex. If you’re feeling your best appearance-wise and falling in love at the same time, it’s going to be a pretty memorable summer for you.

6. It Will Make the Summer Even More Memorable
Especially for Canadians, there is something distinctly special about the precious few months of summer. Everyone has those songs that transport them to summertimes past. For example, you can probably better recall what you were doing the summer of 2000 than the winter. Falling in love will only make this summer more memorable for years to come (even if the two of you don’t end up lasting).

7. You’ll Have a Partner-in-Crime for Hibernation Season
By the time September rolls around and sweater season begins, you have a guaranteed partner in crime to get cozy with in the romantic period of the year. Is there anything more romantic than a crisp, colourful walk through a park in the fall? Not to mention, when the brutal Canadian winter rolls in, you’ll have a trusted hibernation season partner in crime (and hopefully one who shares your love/need for Netflix binges).