7 Reasons Why it is Better to Party in a Gallery Than a Club

Not that we didn’t know this before, but events like last week’s Massive Party: MASSIVE 10 held at the AGO in Toronto and other large-scale gallery events across the country reaffirmed that there really is no party like a gallery party for young professionals – art lovers and party regulars alike. Like MASSIVE, gallery parties offer an evening of art, entertainment, shameless networking, and, of course, a chance to party at sprawling galleries. Here are seven reasons why it is better to party in a gallery than a club.

The diversity in the dress code
One of the best parts about a party in a gallery is that you are not going to be turned away by the hostess for being too casual or donning ridiculously over-the-top attire. At Thursday’s MASSIVE, for example, we saw everything from mega-glam cocktail dresses and perfectly tailored suits to hipster cool and casual, and even outfits that could be mistaken for costumes. Art is all about expression, don’t forget, so you can let your individuality shine through your outfit choices. MASSIVE 10 called for guests to dress in “anything and everything as long as it makes them feel like a perfect 10 out of 10.” So they did. 

The sense of discovery
Another bonus to a party held in a sprawling gallery is the sense of exploration and discovery it allows as guests make their way through different art-filled rooms, corridors and staircases, stopping to check out different installations on the way. You literally never know what is around the corner – and that is all part of the novelty of it. For example, at MASSIVE, one may think the once jam-packed party (the event sold out quickly) was winding down around 12:30am… until you discovered the elevator up to the top floor, where the music blasted, drinks continued to flow and the dance floor remained packed until the lights came on.

The chance to mix culture with cocktails
Let’s face it, some stubborn left-brain-relying friends or significant others may be more inclined to tap into their artistic and cultured side when cocktails and a killer party are involved. Walls of art and creative art installations mean no shortage of talking points among guests, inspiring a much more quality conversation (hopefully) than discussing the other people over blasting music at a club. In its milestone 10-year celebration, MASSIVE Artistic Director Justin Broadbent did not disappoint when it came to the work, and the party featured art from some of Toronto’s most respected artists- including himself, with his highly-photographed graffiti-like “Fuck Yo #Selfie,” “Dime Peace” and “Love Your Haters” pieces, among others.

The photo opps
In everything from the ample posing with an animated team of fully suited hockey players or very bendable gymnasts to shots of the photo-worthy art and installations, MASSIVE resulted in a flood of pictures to Instagram and other social media channels. Aside from the art, of course, a beautifully designed gallery offers much more exciting backdrops for photos with friends than a bottle-filled booth at a club.

The chance to play and interact
The best thing about modern-day art is that can be interactive and actually a lot of fun. This could mean anything from the chance to scribble all over cars the way we could at Power Ball a few years back to a game of ping-pong on the appropriately over-sized (rather, massive) ping-pong table at this year’s MASSIVE and the 3D printers courtesy of Absolut Vodka. Oh, and the skeleton gloves that were distributed (if you could get your hands on a pair) were also kind of fun.

The entertainment
Gallery parties usually feature an assortment of live entertainment and DJs who have been as carefully curated as the art. MASSIVE’s entertainment lineup included Filthy Gorgeous, DJ Soundbwoy, Johnny Hockin and Joseph Of Mercury / Joseph & The Mercurials.

The cause
The proceeds from the gallery events usually go back into the sustainability of the galleries to ensure that they continue to thrive. Funds raised through the Massive Party will help the AGO continue to deliver ambitious education and exhibition programs. In Montreal, last weekend’s Les Printemps du MAC was a hot ticket for YPs and raises important funds for the Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain in order to support emerging artists. It is difficult to feel guilty about splurging on a hefty ticket (though we admit, gallery parties aren’t cheap) when you know that the proceeds are only going to make the gallery even better or to support local artists, richening the city for the future.

If you missed MASSIVE, check out the next best thing with AGO’s 1st Thursdays, where the gallery stays open late for a fusion of art, networking, music, and cuisine on the first Thursday of each month. For all our West Coast YPs, the Vancouver Art Gallery holds a similar monthly event called FUSE. For Toronto YPs, check out the upcoming Power Ball in June, the not-to-miss fundraiser for the Power Plant gallery.


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All images from: MASSIVE AGO

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