7 Reasons Every Man Should Be Manscaping

Whether they’re too embarrassed to hit a salon, don’t care enough, or remain forever haunted by that one scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, not enough men are doing all they need to in the body hair department.

But they should.

The stereotype has been shattered and male grooming is no longer just for the metro-man.

Male waxing has expanded from the typical chest and back wax to facial waxing becoming more of the norm, especially amongst professionals. Lexi Miles, founder of Toronto’s Waxon Waxbar tells us that men’s  ‘Neat & Tidy’ brow, ‘The Divider’, and Nostril & Ear waxing are some of Waxon Waxbar’s most popular, and that The Manzilian is on a quick and steady rise when it comes to below-the-belt services for gents.

Here are 7 reasons it’s time to let waxing make you look mantastic…

1. No Form of Back, Ear, or Nostril Hair is Hot

2. You Were Meant to Have TWO Eyebrows, Not One
Just like you have two eyes. “Getting your brows waxed or threaded does not mean you’re going to walk out looking like ‘The Situation’ from Jersey Shore,” says Miles. “Request to tidy them up and go somewhere that specializes in male brows.”

3. It Doesn’t Hurt as Much as You Think
Stop being such a baby, it doesn’t hurt as much as it looked like it did in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Plus, there’s a cream for that. If you’re going to a proper salon, they’ll have numbing cream available – especially for below-the-belt services. “Waxon Waxbar uses a product called Numb Nuts cream,” says Miles. “And, YES – it does exactly what it says.”

4. It Makes More Sense than Shaving
When it comes to body hair, leave it to the professionals. Waxing makes more sense than shaving for many reasons. Shaving cuts the hair on the surface resulting in ingrown hairs (which men are naturally more prone to than women). Because the hair is not being pulled from the root, it results in the hair growing back quicker, and much thicker and coarse. Waxing actually stunts the hair growth over time, allowing the hair to grow back much more fine and sparse. Waxing doesn’t cause the itch during regrowth and doing it on the regular actually reduces hair growth over time.

5. You’ll Sweat Less
Less hair means you’ll sweat less. Remove the fur vest and let your body breathe,” says Miles. “A lack of hair means the body loses heat faster, which decreases sweating and the post-workout itch.” 

6. You’ll Look Like You’re in Better Shape
“Size matters – there is a reason body builders wax,” says Miles. “A smooth body is a great way to showcase your hard work from the gym.”  

7. You’ll Have Better Sex
Let’s be honest; below-the-belt razor burn and stubble can be uncomfortable for everyone involved when it comes to the bedroom. And a jungle of unruly hair is even worse. “Whether you chose to remove it all with ‘The Manzilian’, or ?clean it up with ‘The Speedo’, do your partner and yourself a favour, make sure this area is always maintained,” says Miles. “Trimming is also critical. Whether you choose to remove it all or leave that treasure trail… always make sure to trim.”

So go ahead and try it for yourself; we have a feeling that once you manscape, you’ll never go back. 


Cover image from: 40 year old virgin

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