7 Factors That Make Celebrities HUGE on Social Media

Andrew Maltin is a serial entrepreneur. He built several companies prior to founding MEDL Mobile and Hang w/. He believes that speed is sexy, that every inefficiency presents an opportunity for reward, and that even the most tight knit tech teams can benefit from a shot of tequila from time to time.

Whether it’s pictures from business meetings or gym selfies, social media lets fans see a whole other side of their favourite celebrities. 

Some celebrities are so good with socials media that their posts generate regular news headlines and their followers amount to tens of millions of users.

So what makes these celebrities as popular as they are? Well, this:

The Inside Look
Some celebrities love to put it all out there and reveal bits and pieces from their daily lives. Lady Gaga, one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter – with more than 44M followers – posts multiple selfies a day: from the car on a way to a meeting or at the end of the day letting her fans know how exhausted she is. 50 Cent, for example, is an avid user of a social app called Hang w/, where he broadcasts live videos of himself giving his fans an inside look into his daily routine.

Spilling the Beans
Some Celebrities love to make announcements on social media. Singer Selena Gomez, who has more than 23M Instagram followers, and DJ Zedd, did exactly that. The rumoured couple gave their fans exactly what they wanted announcing on a duet (posing in front of a studio) and implying that they were involved romantically with Instagram photos.

Let’s face it, casually talking to a celebrity is something that’s out of the realm of possibility for most fans, and that’s where Twitter steps in. It is an extremely easy and simple way for celebrities to handle the massive amount of feedback they receive from fans by quickly shooting them a tweet back. Some celebrity Twitter users who excel in interacting with fans are late night show host Jimmy Fallon, super model Chrissy Teigen, and celebrity gossip guru Perez Hilton.

Sticking to Themes
Some celebrities love to be consistent with the content they post to their social profiles. They come up with a creative theme and stick to it in order to cultivate a loyal fan base. Miley Cyrus for example, has developed a strange obsession with pizza. Whether it’s an actual pizza, a pizza shaped birthday cake, or pizza bed sheets, her Instagram has pizza all over it. Miley also gives back to her fans by posting memes generated by her followers. A common theme seen throughout these memes are, wait for it – pizza.

The Crazies
We’ve seen celebrity meltdowns documented in the news but social media has made them that much more accessible to fans. Amanda Bynes’ Twitter page has seen more ups and downs than news media can even keep up with, and the only way for fans to truly be up to date with the ins and outs of her recovery is to follow her. As sad as it may be to do so. 

Meetings and Giveaways
It pays off to be a Taylor Swift social media follower. Swift, who is a true social media genius, has used it multiple times to give back to her fans in the most unique way possible. Swift has coined the term “Tay-lurking” which refers to her lurking on her fans and studying their likes, jobs, and whereabouts, in order to send them Christmas gifts (which yielded another term: “Swiftmas”). Swift’s Tay-lurking ways also came in handy when she wanted to select fans to invite over to her home in order to give them a sneak peek of her new record.

Insider Fashion Tips
Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and various models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, use Instagram and Twitter to flaunt their fashionable outfits. These starlets set trends, get people talking, and keep their followers coming back for more fashion forward pictures. Kim Kardashian’s recent “fur-kini” Instagram photo for example, made news headlines that continued to make Kim an even bigger celebrity on Instagram.

The biggest celebrities in Hollywood are not necessarily the biggest celebs on social media. This proves that stars must master the craft of social media in order to effectively translate their brand name from traditional media platforms, such as magazines and TV, to the online arena.

The list above suggests that celebrities who have paved their way to social media superstardom are those who interact with their followers and reveal another side of themselves that can’t be seen through other outlets. 

Who are your favourite celebrities to follow on social media? Let us know in the comments and maybe Taylor Swift will invite you over because she doesn’t have any real friends.


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