7-Eleven is Changing the Hot Chocolate Game

Hot cocoa isn’t solely the nighttime treat of children in pyjamas. It’s been elevated to foodie taste-levels of gastronomic experimentation — a sweet indulgence for all ages. There are even festivals to celebrate the chocolate wonder beverage.

So, how is 7-Eleven stirring up the hot chocolate biz? They’ve played to their strengths and taken inspiration from an old convenience store standby — the chocolate bar. If you’ve ever wished you could liquefy your favourite chocolate bar, sit up and take note.

7-Eleven is upping the ante on speciality hot chocolates, beyond flavoured syrup add-ins. This fall, they’re introducing their own creation, SKOR Hot Chocolate. The SKOR bar is beloved for its melding of chocolate and toffee with a satisfying crunch — and now you can experience it in a whole new form.

A delicious twist on a comforting classic, the SKOR Hot Chocolate is packed with buttery toffee flavour and milk chocolatey goodness made with real Hershey’s Cocoa.

This new bevvy is already next-level in the flavour department as soon as it hits the cup, but you’re always able to load up on extra flavours and toppings at the 7-Eleven coffee bar. You can customize to your heart’s content, all free of charge. Or, keep it simple and maybe throw a handful of marshmallows on top for good measure.

Ditch the disposable cup and it becomes a screaming deal. Thanks to 7-Eleven’s bring your own mug initiative, for a limited time, you can try this chocolate innovation for just 50 cents with your own travel mug. The same goes for when you fill up with any of their other hot beverages.

When you think about it, you’re not just treating yourself — you’re being kind to your taste buds, your wallet and the planet.

If this isn’t all sounding decadent enough, there’s more. To celebrate the launch of the new beverage, 7-Eleven is offering a special seasonal deal. For just $4, you can grab a small SKOR Hot Chocolate, a SKOR chocolate bar and a SKOR brownie.

If you’re a hockey fan, you know how exciting it is for a single player to make three goals in one game. There’s even a special term for it. This deal is essentially a chocolate ‘hat trick,’ since you SKOR three times in one go (pardon the pun). 7-Eleven may be changing the hot chocolate game, but it’s safe to say that we’re the ones who win.

As an added bonus, when you become a 7Rewards registered member, you have the opportunity to try the SKOR Hot Chocolate for free. Members track their purchases in the 7-Eleven app to tap into some major perks, like getting every seventh beverage for free. 7Rewards members can now get a small, medium or large coffee or hot beverage for $1 everyday. They also get a free hot drink on the 7th and 11th of every month.

Check out 7-Eleven’s store locator to find your nearest chocolate fix — anytime day or night.