7 Completely Random Places You Might Not Know Exist in Toronto

There’s always something new to discover in Toronto.

Yes, even if you were born here.

But sometimes we get stuck hanging out in the same old neighbourhoods and forget how large the GTA actually is, and how many strange and wonderful things it has to offer.

With that in mind, here are 7 seemingly random spots you might not be aware exist in the Great Toronto Area: 

A Hindu Temple
If you’re looking for a true thing of beauty to discover in the city, the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan mandir will probably blow your mind. Who knew Toronto is home to such a gorgeous place of worship. The mandir is open daily for worship and visitors, so you can stop by any day of the week for a dose of inspiration.

Enwave Tunnels
Major buildings such as the TD Bank and the Air Canada Centre get their cool air from this extensive and intricate series of underground tunnels. Nearly frozen water is pumped from the depths of Lake Ontario in order to keep a large majority of the downtown office workers cool during Toronto’s humid summer months. 

Centennial Park Conservatory
If greenery is your thing, skip High Park next time and instead head west to the Centennial Park Conservatory’s gorgeous 12,000 sq. ft. greenhouse. With a tropical house, a show house, and an arid house, you can get your flower fix even in the dead of winter. Admission is free and it’s open every single day from 10am to 5pm.

The Abandoned Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital
Yes, if you want to get your creep on after indulging in a marathon of American Horror Story Season 2, Toronto can provide the ambiance you’re looking for. The Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital closed in 1979 after 89 years of operation, but most of the buildings have been taken over by Humber College in recent years. Now that’s a campus you don’t want to be caught in after hours.

St. Michael’s Cemetery
The oldest surviving catholic cemetery in the city is now completely hidden from Yonge and St. Clair these days due to the overabundance of condos, but if you search for it, you’ll find it. The 10-acre lot opened in 1855, but due to constant vandalism the gates are almost always locked these days. We’re sure you can figure something out, though. 

Redway Road Staircase
The meandering staircase can seem completely random if you happen to stumble upon it unknowingly, but it actually exists to help the North Toronto Sewage employees taking TTC avoid the dangerously steep walk down Redway Road. Make it a point to visit it in the spring or fall when the trees are in full of colour.

Air India Memorial Sundial
If you’re unfamiliar, Air India Flight 182 was on route to Delhi from Montreal when it was bombed in 1985, killing 329 passengers. The memorial was unveiled in 2007, marking the 22nd anniversary of the atrocity. The serene sundial features the names of all the victims, and points towards Ahakista, Ireland – where the plane went down. 


Cover image from BAPS Shri Temple

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