6 Steps to Keep Your Sneakers White

Nothing is better than a new pair of white, crisp kicks, especially since one of the biggest trends in footwear this year is sneakers and it seems as though we are spending more time, money and effort to fin the perfect pair. Once you have found the ones you love, it is a commitment and challenge keeping them clean. Here are some tips to preserve and protect your white sneakers.

1. Prevention
As soon as you purchase your shoes they need to be pre-treated with both a stain and water repellent. For canvas, use a winter boot water repellent spray. Don’t forget to repeat every few weeks or so. 

2. Spot cleaning
To prevent any stains, scuffs  or dirt from penetrating into the fabric or leather, clean the shoe as soon as you see any marks. Use a cleaner cream and a paper towel on leather and dish detergent or baking soda and a toothbrush to help clean dirt and scuff marks from the rubber soles. Magic Erasers are also an easy way to remove any spots and you may even consider bringing a Tide stain remover pen in your bag to quickly eliminate new marks. Just make sure not to scrub too hard when you are cleaning white suede or canvas. 

3. Avoid the sun 
Store your shoes indoors and out of direct sunlight as white rubber can get destroyed by the sun. Also, no matter how wet your shoes get, do not put them in the dryer as this can also cause yellowing. 

4. Removing yellowing from rubber
A product that can be made from home called Retrobrite (a hydrogen peroxide, OxyClean, and cornstarch concoction) clears up outsoles, plastic and rubber.

5. Wash your Laces
Washing your shoelaces with the rest of your white laundry keeps them looking brand new.

6. Polish your leather 
There are numerous polishes that are made for leather including waxes, pastes, liquids and creams. Creams and pastes soak into the leather and add moisture to your shoe as well as cover scratches and imperfections. Wax shoe polishes are great for protecting from the elements. 


Cover Image from: www.styleonthestreetblog.com

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