6 Signs You’re So Over Your Ex

Some exes leave what is even left of your heart crushed in a million pieces. Others bruise your ego so bad you mistake it for a broken heart. Some relationships end amicably for no reason other than circumstance. Either way, exes are not always so easy to walk away from… until that magical day that you realize the impossible: you’re over it.

Just in time for summer, here is how you know you’re so over it…

You don’t spend hours perfecting your investigative skills via social media anymore.
Social media has made breakups all the more torturous since we figured out how to use it. Don’t lie; in the wake of a break-up, you’ve wasted hours trying to connect the dots in your ex’s life – their new friends, those strangers who comment on their pictures, and the events they attend – to see if you can get anything on them or that new person you heard they are dating. You know you’re over your ex when you check out their page and there is months of solid material to go through… and you have no time, energy or desire to do so. Yawn. 

You get more excited by your morning coffee than an email from them. 
When you’re still pathetically pining after your ex, their bold name in your email inbox has the same effect as a surprise greasy breakfast in bed during your worst hangover. Lengthy email exchanges are common in the months following a breakup and can actually be therapeutic for both of you in laying out thoughts. There comes a point, though, when an email from your ex no longer invites three draft email responses before you finally get it right and their email may even remain un-replied to for days. A Facebook message from that fellow sexy single on the other hand…

When people ask about him or her, you can at least pretend to be an adult.
When you’re truly over any pain, resentment and lingering emotions or bitterness, you can discuss your ex in a mature way, like the grown-up you probably should be by now, free of eye rolls, name calling, tears and airing any dirty laundry. And, unlike the shots of tequila last night at midnight, you can feel good about how mature you’ve become (or at least come across).

You don’t want to vomit whenever you hear that song that played repeatedly through your break-up.
Though it isn’t our favourite song in the world, we can now listen to that one depressing song that was so conveniently released just in time for our last epic break-up… and feel just fine. It no longer transports us to that time when our heart was so raw that it felt exposed from our chest, vulnerable to all the elements of the world.

You don’t have to take a different route to avoid passing their place.
If you’re finally cool with passing your ex’s place, you can get to where you need to go a lot quicker now. But just a half a year ago, this may have been out of the question. You knew better than to pass by, looking to see whether their light is on, if their car is in the driveway and, worst case, if someone else is there too.

You can go back to your favourite places.
You can go back into your favourite brunch spot, bar or coffee shop without the place being tainted by bittersweet memories of your ex. Hey, you may even find yourself there on your next date (but hopefully your ex doesn’t have the same idea). 

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