6 Reasons You Should Check Out The Honda Indy

By Lisa Lagace 

The Honda Indy returns to Toronto this weekend for its 2inTO doubleheader. And if you don’t consider yourself a race fan, we’ve got one thing to say to you:

Step behind the wheel.

‘Cause that’s exactly what we did Tuesday at Bowmanville’s Motorsport Park where everything from a go-kart, to a Civic SI, and finally a Formula F car, all gave us more of an adrenaline rush in one lap than an entire summer’s worth of Trinity Bellwoods beers ever will.

So this weekend we suggest you skip your routine and head down to The Ex. Need more reasons? We’ve got those.

Another way to feel the adrenaline is to watch the actual race. When we weren’t tearing (see: terrified) around the track ourselves, we were watching pro James Hinchcliffe show us how it’s done. You think you have talent ‘cause you can pull off a decent parallel park? Try watching Hinchy rip up a track at lightning fast speed like he’s reading the Sunday paper.

A Different Crowd
It doesn’t get much further from King W. than this. And sometimes it’s nice to be a part of an event in Toronto that isn’t catered to the typical Torontonian. Races like this bring in the small town race fans in droves – everyone at the Indy has a different story if you’re willing to listen.

Race Food
While they’re calling the food area this weekend Tastefest, you can probably still expect the food trucks, food and beer pairings, and vendors to be offering up the more casual dining you’d expect at a good old fashioned race. So basically the best ‘junk’ food you’ve had since you were a kid. 

Craft Beer
This year they’ve brought in local beer vendors to create a special section known as Craft Beerfest. As always, they’re highlighting Ontario breweries and brewers, and the entire Indy event site will be licensed. There’s nothing better than being able to go for a stroll with a fresh pint – especially when it’s not called Bud Light.

Something For The Kids
If you have, or just know, any kids between the ages of 6-12, take them down to the race so they can learn how to safely ride a small dirtbike via the Honda Junior Red Riders Program. Not only will they think you’re the coolest person ever for doing this, but you could be investing in the next Ricky Carmichael.

Something New
Like we said, routine isn’t always a good thing. Shake it up this weekend by shifting gears and checking out something you probably have (negative?) preconceived notions about. Look at us, before we hit the track on Tuesday we didn’t think there could be anything fun about driving in circles – now, we’re thinking of investing in a fire-retardant racing suit.


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