6 Reasons Why the Newest Hot Spot is the Worst First Date Idea

If you ever want to take us on a first date, don’t suggest the new hot spot in the city. Although doing so undoubtedly reveals your in-the-know lifestyle and desire to impress, it is not a good idea. Here are six reasons why:

You will run into people you know
If you decide to book a table at the hottest new restaurant (that is, if you can even get a reservation), you have to expect to run into people you know. This could mean clients, coworkers, friends, acquaintances and even exes. Not only do you not want people knowing your businesses (no matter how hot he or she is), others may automatically assume that the two of you are an item, when, in reality, you may never want to see him or her again.

The conversation will not be as great 
There is no way you will be fully engaged in the other person if you choose a date at a hot new place, especially if you have never been there before. You will be too preoccupied with the décor, the menu, the crowd and trying to hide your face from the people you know. Not to mention, it will be so loud you will barely be able to hear the other person speak.

It is too much of a production
A date at the city’s hottest new restaurant means a total production in everything from an outfit choice (you have to look like you belong there, after all), to getting a reservation, waiting at the packed bar for your table and the general bustling, scene-y vibe. There is already so much pressure associated with a first date, why add to it?

The spot will be tainted for you if the date sucks
If the date leaves much to be desired, it just may be enough to ruin the chances of you ever being able to enjoy the new spot… at least not in the near future. Instead, you will be reminded of the date that was inevitably a waste of time, money and an outfit.

It is expensive
Speaking of waste of money, a new hot spot usually means ridiculously priced cocktails (as a cocktail is no longer a simple cocktail, thanks to the art of mixology) and expensive menu items too, especially when you want to try a bunch of dishes. If it is a horrible date, you just spent three times as much as you would have anywhere else. Even if you aren’t the one paying, you may feel guilty that the other splurged when you know you will never dine across from them again.

It can make the date seem better than it is
If you don’t end up seeing anyone you know, or enduring an awkward wait for a table and actually have a great experience at the place thanks to the best margarita you have ever tasted or the food that lives up to the reputation, the bells and whistles of the place may disguise the fact that you and the other person actually have nothing in common. If the place is really that great, you could probably have a good time there with anyone.

In contrast to the hot spot, we think that a hole in the wall bar or Cafe, where you won’t run into anyone you know and you can actually focus on the other person and the conversation at hand is the way to go. Save the hotspot for the night out with the guys or ladies on the weekend.


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Photo: Robert Restaurant, NYC