6 Reasons Why Friday Afternoons are Better in the Summer

You’re probably feeling exceptionally good right now.

We mean, that ‘Friday afternoon feeling’ is pretty much the best thing ever – especially during this time of year.

In case you need confirmation of this, here are six reasons why Friday afternoons are better in the summer.

1. Your Happy Hour Drink Tastes Better on a Patio
If there’s ever a day for après work drinks, it’s on a Friday. This is even more the case in the summer, when your options for ringing in the weekend are increased thanks to the sunny, late afternoon real estate offered on your city’s patios.

2. You Can Get Away With Doing Less Work
Even if you aren’t one of the lucky ones to have ‘summer hours’ on Fridays, you can slack a little more than usual come 3-4 pm. Thanks to the shining sun and weekend ahead, your boss is in a better mood anyway – even if you are caught online shopping instead of working.

3. You Have More to Look Forward to on the Weekend
Fridays are better in the summer because your weekends are better. Period. Between road trips, rounds of golf, pool days, and BBQs, the odds that you’re going to have a good weekend are much higher now than they were a few months back.

4. You Can Walk Home
Few things kill a good Friday vibe more than a brutal journey on public transportation. Luckily, when the weather is this nice out, you have the option of walking home and avoiding the whole circus in the first place. There’s nothing like a long walk to shake off the week.

5. The Office is Quieter
For the next few months, you’ll be able to enjoy more peace and quiet and less annoying banter and distractions from coworkers on Friday afternoons. That’s because at least a handful of them will be on vacation, or will have left the office early – and sometimes, that’s a very good thing.

6. You’ve Had a Productive Week
It’s one thing to bring work home with you on the weekend in the winter, but in the summer, the idea of doing so is pretty torturous. We mean, you want to soak up every second of those two precious days doing anything that doesn’t have to do with work. That’s why you’re probably feeling pretty accomplished right now by buckling down all week so that you can do just that.