6 Reasons to Keep White Wine Around for the Winter

Yes, it’s cold outside.

But letting a good glass of white wine slip into a distant summer memory is a shame much larger than any heavy snowfall.

There are several reasons in the months ahead when a glass of white will be the most appropriate and appreciated option – especially if it’s a glass of Aveleda Wine.

1. The Après Ski Scene
The après ski scene is just as fun (if not more) as your day on the slopes. After working up a sweat and getting that heart racing, there are few things as refreshing and rewarding as a glass of white wine. As an added bonus, it won’t fill you up the way beer will, so you’ll have more room for the inevitable ski club poutine.

2. Sunday Holiday Brunches
As Friday and Saturday nights start to become booked with multiple holiday parties, young professionals are arranging to fill Sunday mornings with group holiday brunches with friends. And what’s a holiday celebration without a little wine? Though beginning with a mimosa may be inevitable, white wine pairs just as well with many brunch staples, especially egg dishes.

3. New Years Eve
If you’re going to last until midnight on New Years Eve, you probably want to opt for white wine over red. Red wine is known to make you sleepy, while white helps with your party game. Speaking of which, if things do get a little messy, nobody has ever been heard saying, ‘oh no, this white wine stain won’t come out’.

4. Date Night
For your next date night in your city, keep in mind that white wine complements some of winter’s most iconic winter foods, many of which are date night favourites. Case in point? Oysters, herb roasted chicken, and rich, wintery sauces. Oh, and roasted chestnuts – a cheesy but necessary must post-skating date find.

5. The Holiday House Party
When you’re hosting a holiday party, you need a variety of alcohol options to cater to the tastes of all your guests. Meaning, your fridge better be stocked with as many bottles of white wine as you have red. If you’re the one attending a party, show up with two bottles of wine – your favourite red and your favourite white. It’s all about options…

6. During a Snowstorm
If one of our great, epic, Canadian snowstorms has ruined your evening plans, a bottle of white wine and someone to share it with may just save the evening. Instead of cursing the winter as the snow piles high outside, relive summer patio sessions with some of your favourite patio staples, like (obviously) white wine, chips and guacamole, salads, cheeses, and homemade club sandwiches. You can at least pretend, right?  


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