6 Reasons to Feel Fine About Splurging on a Summer Vacation

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been tempted more than once to jump online and book a vacation somewhere this summer. 

But it’s pretty expensive and your wallet has already taken a beating thanks to the million weddings and bachelor(ettes) since spring. 

The responsible side of you tells you that you probably shouldn’t do it. 

But here are six reasons to justify that last-minute vacation splurge…

1. It’s perfect timing. 
All of your coworkers have already taken vacation or plan to, your clients are away, and Fridays are half-days… there’s no better time to take vacation than in the lazy, hazy months of July and August. Let’s be honest, just like in high school, once September comes, so does the increased workload in most professions.

2. You’ll do better at work.  
Think of the vacation as an investment in your professional future. It’s been a busy 2014 and sometimes you need to take a step back from the spreadsheets, office politics and deadlines to clear your head. Your boss will thank you when you come back fresh and eager to jump back at it. 

3. The cost is worth the memories. 
Sure, vacations aren’t cheap. But neither are those designer shoes you’ve been eyeing. No matter how high quality the leather, the shoes won’t survive as long as the memories you’ll create. And life experiences are things that nobody can ever take away from you. If nothing else, think of the Instagram shots…

4. You can pay it off in the fall anyway.
If you feel guilty about splurging on a trip, remember that there are less pricey social obligations (and temptations) in the fall. Once the weather gets cooler, there will be less patio days to drain the wallet. In fact, we can’t think of a better time to be on a budget than the fall (because in the middle of the winter, you may just need a sunny getaway as well). Oh, and staying in is much more appealing thanks to the return of our favourite TV shows. 

5. It will better your personal life. 
A vacation can also be an investment in your personal life. If you go away with your significant other, it could bring the two of you closer together (or go terribly wrong… but at least you’ll know). Or, if you choose to leave them behind and hop on a plane solo, there’s nothing better than a break to make you miss one another. Aside from the romance department, your trip gives you something to talk about when making small talk at a client dinner or at a networking event. 

6. You won’t always be able to. 
Speaking of personal life, there will come a day when booking a last-minute European vacation or South American surfing trip wouldn’t even be an option – once life gets really crazy with babies, spouses and mortgages (as crazy as that thought is). 

Now that you’re feeling better about it, what are you waiting for? 


Cover Image via The Ritz Carlton

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