6 Reasons to Ditch your Current Dating App for the Inner Circle

Ive said it once and Ill say it again modern dating can bewell, complicated.

Much like Netflix and Uber Eats, we tend to have a lot of choice at our fingertips. Not to say this is a bad thing; after all, we are a generation of career-driven millennials constantly head down in the hustle. Naturally, that can limit our capacity for traditional dating.

Where online dating was once considered taboo, dating apps are commonly found on the phones of your friends and colleagues. Theyre in demand, easy to use, and forge connections between people that may have already crossed paths, but missed the chance to consider each other in a romantic regard.

So, how do we separate the good from the bad to best navigate the dating app realm in a way that allows us to benefit from great connections, without all the other frustrations weve come to know?

The Inner Circle is an exclusive dating app that launched in Europe in 2012, that was created specifically with Tinder-tiredsingletons in mind, who are looking to date vetted, local singles with similar values. Ready to shake things up? Heres why you should give The Inner Circle a try:

1. The Dating App for Like-Minded Individuals

The first time I tried to explain the concept of dating apps to my parents, I remember being met with looks of complete apprehension. It may seem strange…” I explained, but when you work the hours I do and spend the time outside of that either at the gym, with friends or running errands, you just arent necessarily meeting the kind of people you would be interested in dating. If you arent willing to date within your professional/existing social circles, its easy to feel lost in the mix or like there arent enough hours in the day.” The Inner Circle vets people’s LinkedIn profiles before letting them use the platform, helping to weed out time-wasters to ensure their app is full of like-minded, intellectual and ambitious individuals looking for love.

2. Say Goodbye to the Swipe

What if you swipe left on someone you could actually have an incredible connection with, just because they didnt write a compelling bio?  The Inner Circle remedies this issue by eliminating the swiping process entirely, connecting approved members with other singletons in their area (location-based matches), and encouraging more extensive, in-depth profiles by asking members telling questions.

3. Catfish? Nobody’s Got Time For That

Listen, no one wants to be catfished, but unfortunately, it’s become a very real concern. Are you really Ian Somerhalder disguised as Ben from Torontolooking for love? I dont think so. Dating apps are meant to be efficient, so lets put an end to that kind of time wasting, shall we?

The Inner Circle screens all applicants, this means no more fake profiles and no more catfishing. Instead, the Inner Circle encourages a high-calibre selection of singles, and operates with a 2 strikes and youre outpolicy to ensure everyone is playing by the rules.

4. Lasting Connections > One Night Connections

With in-depth profiles offering information about that users recent trips, favourite spots in the city, interests and more, I immediately noticed that the quality of initial messages from interested members was entirely different. Rather than a barrage of unimaginative hey, what’s up?inquiries, users were actively taking note of things I mentioned in my profile to curate a compelling conversation, right off the hop.

5. Taking it off the App

The Inner Circle encourages a more social approach to dating, with the ability to share your favourite hotspot and see who else on The Inner Circle likes that place too (think gyms, bars, restaurants, golf club, rock climbing walls etc.). Even better? The Inner Circle hosts events at local bars and restaurants to give members the opportunity to meet and mingle in a select, social environment with other successful singles.

6. Its Here and its Free

The Inner Circle is now live in major cities such as London, New York, LA, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Singapore, Toronto and many more. Even better? Its entry tier is free to use (once youve been screened, of course). Dont believe the hype? You should. The Inner Circle won Dating App of the Year in 2017, International Dating Brand of the Year in 2017 and Most Disruptive Innovator 2017 (among countless others).

So really, what are you waiting for? Click here to give The Inner Circle a try I have a feeling you wont regret it.