6 Reasons it’s Great to Be a Guy in YYC

Hand crafted axes.
Bone handled hunting knives.
Campfire incense.

Shall we go on?

This week we’re talking about all the purveyors in Calgary that make looking good so damn easy; whether it’s for a semi-classy work affair or just to get a few beers deep at Wurst.

Looking and feeling like a man in Calgary is pretty great right now.

Less 17 
When a new man bag, a Basquiat inspired timepiece, or a pair of kicks is in order, Less 17 has your back. Located in the old Source shop, reformed skaters will love this trendy spot that has all the accessories you’ll ever need.

After all, no girl can resist a smart pair of Converse runners.  And if she can – keep on walking.

Modern Menswear
Mission’s most stylish new shop gives a shout out to all the good fashion happening in the hinterlands of Denmark right now including brands like Bruuns Bazaar and Han.

And with casual brands like Camp Brand Goods and 6streets made closer to home, you really can’t wrong shopping here. Before you meet your new in-laws this holiday season, stop in here for a little style advice.

North American Quality Purveyors 
‘R’ is for Rugged at NAQP. Putting a spotlight on a majority of products made in Canada, this residential boutique has everything to give guys a bit more of a manly allure. You’re testosterone count is bound to skyrocket after a visit here to pick up some campfire incense, something called ‘cabin spray’, and a package of premium shave tonic.

Who knew something as simple as vintage Levi’s and cable knits were so damn sexy?

Oh, that’s right – everyone did.

For the outdoorsy types who need something for the 9 to 5, this is your store. Dress yourself up with a new tie or felt hat from The Hill-Side.

Best of 7 Barbers
There’s a reason Don Draper does well with the ladies. So for a Mad Men style close shave or a spiffy haircut, Best of 7 Barbers has a chair waiting.

Walk-ins here are welcome…as well as encouraged by your female friends and love interests.

Kent of Inglewood
Welcome to Calgary’s newest shop for guys.

Located on 9th Avenue SE, Kent of Inglewood might be the manliest shop of all. With a passion for quality shave products, hand crafted axes, and whiskey lovers; this place isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you want to make your girlfriend swoon at the sight of your masculinity then ask to see the bone handled hunting knives that cost more than a trip to the dentist.

She’ll never question you about your obsession with her hair products ever again. 


Cover image from: Less 17

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