6 Reasons It’s Better to Travel in January Than December

It’s been that special time of year again, when your newsfeeds have been flooded with pictures of “friends” on their respective vacations, making everyone who didn’t splurge on a holiday season getaway just a tad envious.

But, that’s why you have January.

After the holiday hoopla has died down, you’re going to be giving everyone else some serious FOMO since you decided to wait until 2015 for your next vacation. 

Here’s why:

1. December is Stimulating Enough
Between holiday parties, festive meals, family time, and gift shopping, the month of December is a stimulation overload. Instead of jumping on a plane the second it’s all over, take some time to relax, unwind, unpack your gifts, and get back into your fitness routine first.

2. Airports Aren’t as Hectic
If you think all of December (including your parent’s place for holiday dinner) was hectic, there’s no worse time to be an air-travel passenger than in the height of holiday travel season. Airports are torturous enough for the impatient type anyway, so if you’ve waited until January, you’ve spared yourself a lot of sanity.

3. It’s Cheaper
No matter how great your travel agent may be, or how reliable that discount travel site always is, flight and hotel prices will always be cheaper in January. This, of course, means you can do more shopping while you’re away – and maybe even opt to go a star higher with your choice of hotel.

4. You Won’t Have FOMO
Aside from the odd friend-of-a-friend’s birthday, what’s really even happening in January? Not much. Most of your friends are doing the booze-free January challenge and are just as partied out as you are. So, lucky for you, you can go away without worrying about what you’re missing back home.

5. You Won’t Need a Vacation After Your Vacation
If you go away during the holidays, with New Year’s Eve and fellow hard-celebrating travellers in the mix, you’re likely going to arrive home feeling like you did after your spring break trip back in first year. A January trip means you can shamelessly relax and detox a bit – and this really helps your New Year’s resolution cause.

6. You Get to Start off the Year on a High Note
As opposed to kicking off the year with the post-vacation blues in the dark days of January (complete with a vacation hangover), travelling in January means you can kick off the New Year on a high note, setting the stage and tone for an amazing 2015 to come. 


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