6 Notable New Restaurants Coming to Calgary in 2015

So what’s on the menu for YYC in 2015?

Glad you asked.

The restaurant scene in Calgary is about to get real interesting with the opening of several new concepts.

Modern diners with a focus on brown liquor, waffles bars, and Latin inspired street food are just a few things coming to the city. And thanks to a few restoration projects, East Village and the old Victoria’s restaurant are about to become our favourite new haunts.

1. The Beltliner
Taste is a staple restaurant for YPs living in the Victoria Park neighborhood and this year, Chef Brendan Bankowski is opening up yet another great dining spot. Designed by Amanda Hamilton, this modern diner will offer Calgarians classics with a twist. And don’t worry; like Taste, bourbon drinking is encouraged here, even with your eggs . It’s breakfast straight up.

2. Buttermilk
We’ll spare you the diatribe about how much this city loves breakfast and skip to the delicious details about the waffle joint opening up on 17th Avenue. From the people that brought us Village Ice Cream, comes an eatery that’s going to be hard to walk by. So yes, syrup is definitely one of the ‘in’ foods this year. More details to come this spring.

3. Native Tongues
Forget food and wine; go for tacos and beers in 2015 compliments of the Taco Or No Taco Chef Cody Willis. If you planned a trip to Mexico City this year then cancel your ticket because you can experience the real deal right in downtown Calgary.  We’re just dying to get our hands on some authentic tacos.

4. Charbar
One of the best things happening in Calgary this year involves the Simmons Building finally being opened up to the public. With businesses like Phil and Sebastian and Sidewalk Citizen confirmed, you know it’s going to be the new destination in East Village. People who can’t get enough of Chef Connie DeSousa and Chef John Jackson’s meat heavy menu at Charcut will be happy to know the pair is opening Charcut. Just don’t expect to dine here if you’re on a diet.

5. Rodney’s Oyster House
Thanks to the closing of that horrible bar on 4th Street and 10th Avenue –that won’t be named– the rate of barley legal pregnancies in the city has dropped considerably. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the beautiful brick façade of this building has been re-purposed for an oyster bar; a delicacy that always appeals to the YYC palate. This is sure to be one of the new after work places of choice.

6. Pigeonhole
It’s hard to keep on top of all Chef Justin Leboe’s projects. With PDR now open, he’s now focused on re-purposing the old Victoria’s restaurant. Located in the same building as Model Milk, this is sure to be the ‘it’ bar of the year. And the best part about it? The initial concept was formulated in the back of a London taxicab after a few drinks. You can look forward to more details in the next few months.


Cover image from Rodney’s Oyster Bar

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