6 Mistakes We Make at Work That Steve Harvey Instantly Made Us Feel Better About

December 20, 2015 will surely go down in history as one of the worst days at the office for Mr. Steve Harvey. (Watch the video below if you don’t believe us.)

Twitter users were in utter disbelief last night as the host of the Miss Universe pageant (Sad Steve as we shall now call him) mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the Miss Universe title…even though she was not, in fact, the winner.

His (awkward, terrible, worst ever) retraction just a minute later stripped Miss Colombia of the title and crowned Miss Philippines as the rightful winner of the competition. #MissUniverse2015 quickly became the biggest trend of the evening as social media reacted to this f**k up of epic proportions.

And although we’ve probably never made a faux pas in front of millions of viewers, there have certainly been several red-faced times at the office when we’ve felt like the whole world was watching as we made a very embarrassing mistake.

Here are just six mistakes Steve Harvey instantly made us feel better about today:

Forgetting People’s Names
This is certainly a very real concern if you work for a big company. However, a brain fart can befall you at any moment, and without notice. You might be introducing the new guy to a department and stop dead in your tracks as the name of the colleague you’re introducing simply falls out of your brain. Excuse yourself and use your LinkedIn to find them. Do NOT list every name under the sun until you find his/hers.

You’re typing fast, getting that email out at the speed of light, too busy to worry about the accuracy of your message. Microsoft Office has your back and it’ll catch any errors you make. Right? Apparently not. Because ‘erection’ is a legitimate word in the English language. It just wasn’t the one you wanted to put in your email to Head Office.

Sending a Private Email to the Whole Company
Varying levels of ground-open-up-and-swallow-me-whole here. It could be a harmless email that simply didn’t concern the rest of the sales floor. Then again, it could be a confidential one that was not intended for public consumption. Or it could be an email to your work confidante telling them who Sophie from accounts hooked up with at the holiday party…

Zoning Out in a Meeting
The meeting has been going on for hours. You’ve started planning your dinner for the evening. Pasta, or did you have that last night? Then suddenly you notice everyone in the room is looking at you with interest, and your boss is asking for the third time, what you think about it all (whatever it is). You can either admit you’ve not been listening, or gamble and hazard a wild guess. “Um, good, boss. Yup, sounds perfect…?”

Spilling on a Keyboard
You were sharing that anecdote you love to tell, and you needed to use a lot of hand gestures to really nail it. Only trouble is, your colleague’s coffee was in the firing line and now your keyboard is sizzling and you can’t send an email to IT to ask for assistance. And no one seems to be laughing any more.

Forgetting Your Presentation Notes
Blank pages for days. The horror, the horror. We swear there weren’t this many people watching you when you practiced in your bedroom, and your collar is starting to feel awfully tight. Okay, come together now, you’ve got this. Yet, somehow despite it feeling painfully long, you close it out, check your watch…and realise it’s only been 5 minutes since you started your presentation.

And yet none of these will ever compare to the clip below. EVER.