6 Last Minute Gift Strategies for Everyone in Toronto

Still have a few people to cross off your list but not sure exactly what, where, or how? Here are 6 simple but effective options for wrapping up your holiday gift shopping without leaving your hands covered in coal.

Whether you’re the giver or the getter, these strategies will work for just about anyone…

Fancy.com or Fancy Mobile App
Not only does this site/app only sell awesome stuff but anyone can be a merchant, they deliver to literally anywhere in the world and there are a ton of items for 40-70% off right now. At this stage, you’re most likely going to be dishing out a New Year’s gift rather than a Christmas morning gift, but when it’s this cool, it’s definitely better late than never.

Tickets to an A-List Comedy Act
Sure everyone has a different sense of humor, but most people will appreciate the effort to set them up for a good laugh. And if they’re willing to make an event out of it, upcoming options within a few hours drive are plentiful; for instance, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Norm Macdonald, Jim Jeffries, Jim Gaffigan, and even Cheech and Chong are going to be performing in and around Toronto over the next 6 months. So get off your tush and grab some seats.

It’s not just for your own boring grocery excursions, folks. This place is stocked with all the stuff that everyone actually wants and it all comes in everything from “practical” to “gag” size packaging. Electronics, kitchenware, toiletries, books, movies, gargantuan cheese-bricks, air-hockey tables, and inflatable mattresses; you can’t walk around this place without finding something useful for anyone. Just make sure you’re either a member or you drag along someone who is.

Anything Related to a Spa
No-brainer; male or female, almost everyone likes relaxing or getting pampered in an elegant setting. Massages, saunas, water-treatments, mud-wraps, juice bars, whatever. At some point, everyone is going to want to just decompress, so if you’re still wondering what you should get _______, you can’t go wrong with a ticket to Chillsville.

Realistically anything alcoholic that comes in bottles 750mL or larger is a safe move unless you’re shopping for a Mormon or a small child. But especially with 2015 hot on our trails, most people will not have trouble finding a way to put a bottle like this to good use.  

Gift Cards for “The Safe Seven”
Best Buy (according to Match.com, 26% of singles want electronics for Christmas), Starbucks, Whole Foods, LCBO, Amazon, Cineplex, and the Cadillac Fairview Shop! Card. We know, it’s not very personal and we’re not telling you anything novel. But it still surprises us how many people don’t opt for the ultimate safe bet while struggling in the homestretch; especially when you can get gift cards that apply to 95% of all the stores in an entire mall. Whip up a thoughtful note, put some sparkles on the envelope, and just pass the plastic. It’s easy and nobody in their right mind will be disappointed.        

Also, Christmas is in less than 72 hours. Just sayin’. 


Cover image from: Fancy.com

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