6 Easy Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween Procrastinators

Halloween always seems to creep up on us without warning.

Although it falls on a Wednesday this year, it is still fun to celebrate the creepiness in style on the weekend, but if you’re anything like me, you may not always be prepared with the perfect costume.Fear not! I’m here to assist the procrastinators and non-decision makers with a few simple and easy costumes that you can throw together or lightly craft when you’re down to the wire.

Smart Cookie

How do you communicate that you are smart and sweet at the same time? Simple! You dress, quite literally, as a smart cookie. All you need is some brown and black construction paper and a pair of glasses (real or fake). Cut a circle out of a large piece of construction paper or art board to form the cookie and some smaller circles for the chocolate chips (or raisins if you’re a monster who prefers oatmeal raisin). Glue the raisins/chips onto the cookie and secure around the neck and shoulders with duct tape or string. Put on your glasses and voila! A giant cookie!


Fifty Shades of Grey

Most people have basic articles of clothing in their wardrobes in shades of grey and black. Why not take your simplest pieces and form them into a complex pop culture reference? It’s easy peasy. Find as many articles of grey and black clothing and wear them strategically. If anyone asks, say that you are Fifty Shades of Grey! Alternatively, you could go to your local Rona, Canadian Tire or paint store and load up on grey and black paint samples. Paste them onto grey or black construction paper and secure them as above.

Bread Winner

All this costume requires is a trip to your local dollar store and corner grocery. Find some cheap gold plastic participation medals and a few loaves of bread and boom! You’re a breadwinner.


This tried and true classic simply requires a plaid shirt, jeans, boots and a toque – all items that can easily be found in the closet of the average Canadian. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can don suspenders or make your own out of black duct tape. Ladies, if you want to complete the look with a more masculine touch, mascara makes for a great 5 o’clock shadow and you could also easily alter this costume to be more specific. For example, if you carried a roll of paper towels around with you, you could be the Brawny Man.    


Take a cue from Jim of The Office for what might be the easiest costume on the planet. All you need is a marker (make sure it’s not permanent!) or eyeliner and write ‘Book’ across your face. Congratulations, you’re Facebook!

Risky Business

If only Tom Cruise knew that when he took on the role of Joel Goodson in Risky Business he would be inspiring one of the easiest to execute Halloween costumes in history – a white, collared button-down shirt and a pair of shades. So simple, it’s brilliant!

Halloween is a fun excuse to go back to your childhood and remember how enjoyable it can be to dress up and have fun with your friends, whether you’re poking holes in a bedsheet and going as a ghost, or donning the ever-predictable black cat ears – again. No matter how old you are, there are only two rules for enjoying Halloween –  if you’re not dressing up this year but handing out candy instead – no fruit. There’s nothing trick or treaters like less than a pillowcase full of perishables, so don’t be that guy!  And second, have fun!

Happy Halloween, everyone!