’50 Nerds of Grey’ is the Geeky Erotica Brainiacs Have Been Waiting For

We can all agree that 50 Shades of Grey really wasn’t that great, right? Right.

And the only thing that could make something not that great even worse is, of course, an even more disappointing movie. Check.

So how do you polish a turd – albeit a inexplicably popular one – exactly? You give it some nerd, that’s how.

That’s precisely what one should-be author has done through a hilarious Twitter account that goes by the name of ’50 Nerds of Grey’. Using excerpts from the book, they complete each erotic passage with a super geeky remarks fit for a virgin.

Sure, it’s stereotyping an entire population of the high IQ’d, but we’ll be damned if it isn’t for a noble purpose. Check it out: