5 Ways Technology Will Screw Up Your Job Hunt

Technology: a love-hate relationship almost anyone can relate to.

One minute you’re praising the internet gods for delivering the latest Drake meme, and the next you’re whipping your phone at a wall for its 30-minute battery life.

But when you’re on the job hunt, the stakes are high. You could be one bad signal away from missing a life-changing phone call. If you’re feeling the stress – or if you’ve experienced some of these tragic scenarios – take solace in knowing that you’re not alone.

The classic dead phone battery
Sure, you could get an external battery. But if you were that disciplined, you’d just keep your battery charged in the first place.

GIF - Kid throws a phone

You find your potential dream job in your spam folder
Seriously though, they should really get rid of automated recruiter emails.

GIF - Ross

Glitchy (and horrendously long) career portals
When you see an application page that doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 1998. The. Worst.

GIF - SpongeBob and computer

You submit the wrong resume
After researching the company, polishing off your cover letter, and listing 72 arbitrary facts to confirm your existence and full investment in the position… well, you know.

GIF - sad face touching

The signal drop
An unknown number calls you, and you have one bar of reception. What do you do? The answer is usually panic hard.


Sure, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But hey, at least we’re not stuck mailing out paper applications and paying for postage. All things considered, we’re grateful that we have all all this technology to complain about – via more technology, of course.

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