5 Reasons Why Couples Who Spa Together, Stay Together

It’s no surprise that date nights are an essential ingredient to any healthy relationship.

After awhile though, date night ideas can become stale – no matter how many new trendy restaurants you check off your list.

So with the colder weather slowly creeping in, one of the best things you can do for your relationship is a cozy evening at the spa – and one that still includes a gourmet meal.

Toronto’s Elmwood Spa, for example, has a variety of couples packages that are designed to make every date night memorable. This includes the “Exotic Escape For Two Retreat” – our personal favourite. The experience features a 50-minute couples massage, water therapies, a 4-course dinner for two at the award-winning Bangkok Garden restaurant, and a Bath Fizzies gift set to take home.

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Sounds like a pretty relaxing evening to us. Not to mention, it’s a no-fail way to re-connect with your partner after a hectic workweek.

But in case you need any more inspiration, here are 5 reasons couples who spa together, stay together.

They Know How to Create Memorable Experiences
A handful of typical dinner and movie dates can easily blend into each other – failing to create anything unique. You need to add variety to keep it interesting, to make it feel “special,” and to make it memorable. A spa date after a stressful workweek takes it a step above the typical. The sense of relaxation will serve as a short-term reminder of the experience, but the ability of the spa to reconnect the two of you is something you’ll long remember.

They Know How to Set the Mood
If a relaxing massage, soothing water therapies, and a gourmet meal doesn’t heighten the senses and put you in the mood to spend hours in bed (or, anywhere, really) with your significant other (SO), then you may want to reconsider your relationship. An evening at the spa is a natural precursor to an evening of reconnecting in all the ways that made you fall in love in the first place


They Know How to Live in the Moment
There’s no need for your cell phone once you step inside the spa – and that’s a really good thing. It means you’ll have fewer distractions and will be able to focus entirely on your partner while you both relax and commit to being present in the moment – all three of which combine for a pretty great date.

They Cuddle Better
After such a relaxing sensual experience (followed by a mild food coma), there’s no doubt that a spa day sets the stage for a pretty amazing night’s sleep. And when the both of you are having a great sleep, it works wonders for your cuddle cause. After all, having a restless sleeper beside you or in your arms is never exactly ideal.

They Feel Better
Couples who spa together feel better because they’re able to relax their minds and bodies. When you’re more relaxed, it means you’re not stressed, wound up, or picking arguments with your partner. Not to mention, it’s pretty impossible not to leave the spa looking better than when you arrived. Being totally relaxed and recharged shows on your face, making you more attractive to others, including your equally as recharged SO.


Need we say more? 

Whether you have an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or just want to celebrate your relationship (and that’s reason enough), you should consider a spa date night.

To make things easier for you, we’re running a contest to win an Exotic Escape for Two Retreat, plus two signature Elmwood spa robes. Just fill out the sign-up sheet below and we’ll take care of the rest (see what we did there…)…

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