5 Reasons Every Young Professional Should Be Attending TEDx Toronto 2015

The first (unofficial) reason you should be attending TEDx Toronto this year is to finally figure out what the hell TED stands for.

Fine, we’ll tell you.

Technology, Entertainment, Design.

And since you like all of those things, you should definitely be heading to Toronto’s own take on the world famous conference. Need more reasons? Of course you do. So here they are.

And with a midnight deadline to apply to be a delegate, you’d better read fast and sign up even faster.

The 14 Powerful, Inspiring, and Potentially Life-Changing Talks
This isn’t your grade school teacher talking to you about the importance of doing your homework; these are some of the most ambitious, interesting, and unexpected Torontonian minds you’ll ever encounter. Bring a notebook… and tissues.

The National Ballet of Canada
A unique opening performance by the best dancers in the county – that has never graced the Toronto stage – should be enough to get you out of your seat. Or stay in it. Either way, this is the kind of live entertainment that (almost) makes you forget what Netflix is.

To Network
Want to mix and mingle with engaging and passionate people who actually like to, you know, think? We thought so. And since some of the best minds in the city will be attending the conference, who better to exchange ideas (and business cards) with? If you’re not tweeting and ‘gramming throughout the conference, you’re doing it wrong.

To Make a Difference
Yes, it sounds cheesy. But you know what? If you don’t do it, we can’t guarantee someone else will. This is our city and our time. So if you plan on making any changes to the streets you call home, it’s time to start listening to some smart people. And this is exactly where you’ll find them. Go ahead and get inspired.

The After-Party
Do we really need to sell you on this one? Speakers, delegates, and organizers letting loose after a thought-filled day – that’s exactly the kind of room you want to be a fly on the wall in. Check that, you definitely want to be a full-sized, cocktail-enjoying Torontonian in that room.