5 Perfect Turkey Recipes from Celebrity Chefs

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or not, the fact is, this weekend is major turkey time.

So in the hopes of your meal ending up with a decent bird, we’ve enlisted the help of five of the world’s most famous chefs to make sure you’re cooking to perfection.

No need for a wishbone here, just read on…

1. Gordon Ramsay
This simple recipe is guaranteed to impress the in-laws (or whoever you need to impress). Gordon Ramsay’s roast turkey with lemon, parsley and butter. Ramsay himself calls it “his favourite way to roast turkey – with a savoury butter under the skin to keep the breast meat moist and flavourful”. It doesn’t require much expertise to make this turkey, but for a more authentic “Ramsay” experience try screaming at your family members in the kitchen while you cook.
Full Recipe Here

2. Jamie Oliver
Everyone’s favourite hunky young British chef, Jamie Oliver, brings us his roast turkey (yes, it’s a Christmas Turkey – should work here too, though) with spiced cranberry, bacon & walnut stuffing. That’s right, we said bacon. The recipe also includes instructions for “proper homemade gravy,” so get off my back GRANDMA. The best part – Mr. Oliver describes making this dish as “super easy,” so anyone should be able to do it. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, just fry some bacon and wrap it around a butterball, it’s not like anyone wouldn’t eat that.
Full Recipe Here

3. Rachel Ray
Keeping with our theme of simple, but delicious, this recipe from America’s favourite female T.V personality/chef is guaranteed to make your Easter a lot tastier. Buttermilk-marinated turkey with onion gravy is as good as it sounds and has a lightning fast prep time of only 20 minutes (assuming you, you know, already have a turkey). For those with limited resources, or people who enjoy a simple meal without all the fireworks, this will work nicely. You can even use chopping the onions as a cover for the fact that you’re crying because you’re too old for Easter egg hunts now.
Full Recipe Here

4. Wolfgang Puck
The original celebrity chef offers us this recipe for our Easter turkey needs. Puck’s roast turkey on a bed of vegetables is a classic, both in presentation and taste. If you’re looking for advice your mother would approve of – this might be the recipe for you. Mr. Puck has been cooking since before most of us were born. Seriously, this recipe is Pucking great.
Full Recipe Here

5. Buddy Valastro (a.k.a The Cake Boss)
We know what you’re thinking – I want to make a turkey, not a cake. But it turns out this famous dessert making chef actually cooks everything. Proof is his Italian recipe for sausage-stuffed turkey rollatini. It’s a versatile plan that can also be used with chicken breast, veal, or pork. Buddy came up with the recipe when looking for ways to enjoy turkey without spending the entire day roasting and basting. Our kinda guy.
Full Recipe Here


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