5 Notable Montreal Steakhouses

Montreal is known for its restaurants, and steakhouses are right up there when it comes to some of the most notable spots in the city. Whether it be for a business meeting or a big dinner with friends, any of these five spots are worthwhile checking out…

Your classic Jewish ‘style’ steakhouse in every sense of the word; every meal is prompted by bowls of pickles and coleslaw. Try their new ‘after 10’ menu aimed at a younger demographic with lower prices and a cooler vibe. 3961 St. Laurent.

Just as old school as Moishes, Gibbys, located in Old Montreal, offers up a different style of steakhouse – and it’s about as classic as you can get. Gibby’s is a Montreal landmark and it has some of the best cuts in the city, served with your regular steakhouse fare. 298 Place D’Youville.

Queue de Cheval
Taking a major step away from the traditional steakhouse vibe, La Queue de Cheval is a fine dining, white linen experience in the heart of downtown. They specialize in USDA prime dry aged steak and have lots of seafood options as well. A great place for a business meeting when you have to impress. 1221 Rene Levesque West.

L’Entrecote Saint-Jean
A much different experience than any other steakhouse you will visit in Montreal, L’Entrecote Saint-Jean is most well-known for their sister restaurant in Paris, serving up French steak and fries, and only that. A French Steak Frites restaurant in the heart of downtown, although there is not much choice, you won’t be disappointed. 2022 Peel.

Rib ‘n Reef
Located off the beaten path, Rib ‘n Reef is a popular steakhouse amongst Montreal locals. Serving USDA prime dry aged beef, Rib ‘n Reef is truly a family-friendly steakhouse with amazing food that will keep you going back for more. 8105 Decarie.