5 Graduate Certificates You Can Take Now To Level Up Your Career

According to Statistics Canada, over 56% of Canadians have either college or university degrees.

We Canadians are not messing around when it comes to education. In fact, we have a reputation for being one of the most educated countries in the world. It’s pretty impressive, but it can also be discouraging to millennials looking to get ahead of the pack when it comes to their careers. So when one out of every two of your peers has a masters degree, exactly how do you make that happen? 

Graduate certificate programs are one tactic many millennials are implementing to boost their game. Many already have degrees and are looking for a deeper dive into a specific area, or to boost themselves in their chosen sector. Universities like Royal Roads are a great example of schools providing certificates that can be taken in only 6 months, mostly online, so you feel like you aren’t choosing between your job and betting your career path. Below, check out 5 certificates you can take to get an edge on the competition. 

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

Transitioning into a career of professional coaching can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially with so many life coaches currently out there. A certificate can give you the edge you need to stand out, and the training to help you feel confident navigating these sometimes murky waters. The certificate teaches coaches how to work with others to clarify specific issues, identify the desired outcome, plan the action, reduce resistance or roadblocks, make commitments, and be accountable. It’s big on systems planning, measurements of success and communication. 

Graduate Certificate in Corporate Social Innovation

 Change agents working at large corporations wondering how they can make a bigger impact will find this certificate highly valuable. More and more, big corporations are looking to incorporate social impact policies and programs. The certificate will teach you to balance strategies for driving social and environmental change, while still advancing core business objectives, something that will be paramount to any corporation. Someone with experience in public or private sectors will benefit from this certificate. 

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management

If you thrive in your HR role and have at least 3-7 years experience, this certificate could be exactly what you’re looking for to up your game as you learn to manage teams and organizational efficiency at scale. If you’re aiming for HR director, this certificate will help arm you with the skills you need to get there. Students will walk away with the ability to create strategies for improving organizational effectiveness, understand the challenges and prospects of developing learning organizations, as well as learn to be a catalyst to increased resilience, creativity and performance for individuals and organizations by utilizing a coach approach. 

Graduate Certificate in Change Management

For the visionary managers, supervisors, and change leaders who love looking big picture, a certificate in Change Management will give you the tools you need to be able to zoom out and effectively manage changes that inevitably occur at any organization. A certificate in Change Management will make you the go-to when it comes to figuring out nitty-gritty details like department restructuring and culture shifts, allowing you to communicate with your teams and executives powerfully and effectively. Students will explore capacity building and strategic alignment tools that drive measurable objectives within the context of Change Management and its influence and impact on organization culture.

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

For those aspiring to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to consulting or working within an organization on large-scale projects that need extensive resources and have multiple stakeholders, this cert is perfect for you. Leading-edge instruction in project management best practices, project leadership, team dynamics and project negotiations are just a few of the things you’ll learn during this 6-month program. Students will also walk away with the ability to develop strategies for estimating, evaluating, forecasting, monitoring and reporting costs, and interpreting earned-value data.

The next rung on the ladder is closer than you think. Learn more about Royal Roads University and the different certificates and programs they offer that will help you get ahead of the pack.