5 Fitness Trends that Prove 2016 is Really the Future

Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how far technology has come in such a short amount of time.

I mean, the internet is only 25 years old and we’ve gone from playing minesweeper on our desktop computers to playing Candy Crush on our phones when we’re bored.

The world of health and fitness is one place where we’ve seen major leaps and bounds thanks to technology. What used to be the stuff of science fiction movies just decades ago actually exists now, often in the palm of our hands.

Here are some of the futuristic fitness trends that we’re excited to try.

1. Virtual Reality Cycling

If VR porn is already a thing, combining the technology with fitness was only a matter of time. The VirZoom fitness bike does exactly that – part video game and part exercise machine, riders become so immersed in the experience that they forget they’re breaking a sweat. Sounds like our kind of workout.

2. Under-desk elliptical


Image: Cubii

Move over, treadmill desks, there’s a new player in town. Every girl’s favourite cardio machine has now been reimagined in miniature. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the Cubii can connect to your smartphone to track your calories, time, and distance. It’s also quiet so you won’t disturb your neighbours. Who needs a gym when you can get your cardio in and answer emails at the same time?

3. Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Image: Kickstarter

Image: Vi via Kickstarter

Slowly but surely, technology is making sure that we never have to interact with actual humans ever again. Case in point: Vi, the personal trainer who lives in a pair of bio-sensing earphones. The device tracks your progress and coaches you to help you reach your goals. Vi even checks in with you between workouts. The future is now, people.

4. Pokemon Go Fitness Classes

Image: AMPfit

Image: AMPfit

If you’ve tried the viral mobile game, then you know Pokemon Go will get you moving all on its own. However, a Vancouver gym is taking things up a notch by combining the game with strength training classes.

5. Smart Clothing

Image: OMsignal

Image: OMsignal

If a FitBit is cramping your style, try on some smart clothing for size. There are running shorts that can monitor your cadence, pelvic rotation and stride length, socks with pressure sensors that can track your time and distance, and even sports bras that can record your breathing and heart rate. While these items certainly don’t come cheap, they might be worth investment if you’re serious about your training.


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