5 Energy Tips to Help You Kick Winter’s Ass

It’s official: Wiarton Willie, Ontario’s beloved groundhog, saw his shadow earlier this month, meaning six more weeks of winter — at least for the folklore believers.

Although the season’s temperatures have been a little unorthodox this year (I wore my winter jacket as many times as I can count on my fingers), you can’t help but feel a tad lethargic as you work through the year’s chillier months.

Add to that being slammed by early nightfall, lingering holiday bills, and pressures from work. Rather than feeling the urge to throw in the towel between November and March, take on these handy energy-boosting tips to get you through the last stretch of winter – towel at hand.

Watch What You Eat
Because you spend more time indoors than out during the winter, it’s easy to fall into an unhealthy food and drink binge. The shorter days trick you into believing you have less free time, leading to a greater urge to choose TV dinners over a healthy, home-cooked meal. As a result, we find ourselves scrambling to bounce back into “beach body” shape by early April.

To avoid the melee and help improve your winter eating habits, we suggest taking up a healthier diet. Despite the groggy, dark, 6 a.m. mornings, try to limit your caffeine intake, eat your greens and protein during the day, take your vitamin C to boost immunity, and avoid eating spicy foods with the flu.

Mix and Mingle
The worst thing you can do during the winter is to spend every night curled up on the couch in front of the TV until bedtime. Though it’s tempting to stay in during the cold months, don’t be afraid to spend a couple weeknights out of the house and around others. We’re not suggesting to pick up a $50 dinner tab two times a week after work, but take some time to be social – do a mall walk with colleagues or pay a visit to your parents. Surrounding yourself with others is a great way to stay active and also seek support when needed.

Photo: Restaurant Zafferano

Brighten Up Your Evenings
For most of the winter, the sun sets before you even leave the office. The season has a tendency to mess with your evening routine and sleep cycle. You feel tired earlier because the 5 p.m. sunset tricks your body into feeling like the day is over. But it’s not.

An easy solution would be to take in as much natural light during the day: Go for a brisk, post-lunch walk and keep the office blinds open during the day. For times when the natural light doesn’t find its way into your home or office, ensure your area is well lit (even give light therapy a try), and avoid spending too much time around bright lights that can strain your eyes – like a TV or monitor.

Sneak in an Activity
Simple solution for an energy boost: Get up and do something. Being active doesn’t mean you have to spend early mornings and late nights pumping iron. Build a weekly activity routine for yourself. For instance, plan a three-day workout, volunteer part-time in your community, attend drop-in yoga classes, or arrange to prepare dinner certain nights a week. Ensuring that you keep your body moving and mind running will help you be more productive and allow you to get a better night’s rest.

Give Aromatherapy a Shot
At the Jobpostings.ca office, we’re big believers in increasing focus and energy through aromatherapy. Using natural oils from plants, aromatherapy can subtly assist in enhancing your well-being both physically and psychologically. Whether you’re prone to migraines, have troubles focusing at work, have minor aches and pains, or even have problems sleeping at night, aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine and can be inhaled or applied directly to the skin. Trust us, it works.