4 Reasons You Should Care About the Met Ball

As social media buzzed this morning with pictures, comments and blog posts about The Met Ball, many males (like the dude next to us on the streetcar) scratched their heads in confusion, wondering out loud what the big deal was about the famed gala anyway. But it’s safe to say that the event is more than just another glitzy A-list-filled party. Formally called the Costume Institute Gala, the Met Ball is an annual fundraising gala held in New York that benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Costume Institute (not that we need to tell you that though). It also marks the opening celebration for the institute’s annual fashion exhibit. If you don’t already, here’s why you should care about the Met Ball.

It means you’ve arrived.
If you’ve scored an invite to Met Ball, one of the most exclusive parties on the planet, it is pretty safe to say that your career (or that if your significant other) isn’t going too badly. This means everyone from the famous faces to grace the red carpet to the media and photographers who score coveted access. If you’re an accessories designer, clothing designer or a hair and makeup artist, the Met Ball stamp of approval is often a career-long pursuit and an ultimate career high. If you’re watching from home with popcorn, the Met Ball offers something to strive for as you make it your life-long mission to attend the event at least once before you die.

It offers inspiration.
The annual event has been going on for years – since 1971, to be exact. Because of this, it is always an inspiring one to have on your radar. Inspiration for event planning and how far the bar can be set with a fundraiser, as well as admiration for the new talent who would not have been invited two years ago and outfit inspiration, is all part of the appeal. All the glamorous action may even inspire you to book a plane ticket to New York today. 

It’s the ultimate in fashion.
The fashion matters just as much, if not more, at the Met Gala than at the Oscars. This means more risk-taking in dress and an eclectic assortment of colour, fabric, cutouts, designs and even over-the-top costume-like outfits. Anything goes. This, of course, is what makes it so entertaining to everyone at home. That, and the inevitable lists of fashion wins and fails that flood the internet afterwards. Speaking of, stay tuned later today for our notable fashion picks from the evening. The fashion inspiration comes at a great time too, now that the bulky winter gear is packed away and charity ball and wedding season is about to kick into full gear.

The famous faces.
Following the Met Ball offers a chance to catch up on your celebrity knowledge – everything from who is dating who to who’s pregnant and to who now has a beard or chopped off their hair (you know, all the important things). Last night’s event was attended by everyone from power couples Victoria and David Beckham to Beyonce and Jay-Z and Kim and Kanye (who looked rather grumpy the entire evening). Other A-listers to grace the carpet included co-chair Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Blake Lively and her Canadian hottie husband Ryan Reynolds, Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Kate Bosworth, Reese Witherspoon, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Stewart… you get the point. 

So, yeah, it is kind of a big deal…

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