4 Classy Cognac Cocktails to Ring in the New Year in Style

There’s something about cognac that just oozes sophistication.

And of course, when you think of cognac, only one name comes to mind: Hennessy.

The largest Cognac producer in the world, the brand’s reputation for quality and attention to detail is widely known.

Now most people think of the classic French brand as a sipping spirit. However, its bright flavour and smooth character make it perfect for a variety of mixed drinks. It’s also goes so well with a night like New Year’s Eve. After all, when you and your friends are all dressed to the nines, you need a classy cocktail to match.

Fortunately, top mixologists Andrew Whibley and Ben Lemieux – winners of the Hennessy Global Mixing Challenge and the Hennessy Quebec Mixing Challenge respectively – have come up with a few imaginative blends that will surely fit the bill.

Happy sipping.


The Hennessy Honey

The Hennessy Honey 

1 ½ oz. of Hennessy Very Special

¼ oz. of acacia honey

1 ½ oz. of hot water

1 slice of lemon

In a glass, add Hennessy, honey and hot water. Stir to dissolve the honey. Garnish with a lemon slice.


The Hennessy Soda

The Hennessy Soda 

1 oz. Hennessy Very Special

1 oz. of lemonade

1 dash of lime juice

2 thin slices of cucumber

Build Hennessy, lemonade and lime juice in a rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Add the 2 thin slices of cucumber. Garnish with a cucumber slice


The Hennessy Citrus

The Hennessy Citrus 

1 ½ oz. of Hennessy Very Special

½ oz. of fresh orange juice

½ oz. of lemon juice

¼ oz. of simple syrup

¼ oz. of egg white

Pour all ingredients into shaker, fill with ice, shake vigorously for approximately 15 seconds. Fill rocks glass with fresh cubed ice, strain shaker into rocks glass over the ice. Twist orange zest over the top of the drink and use twist as garnish.


The Hennessy Apple

The Hennessy Apple 

1 oz. Hennessy Very Special

½ oz. of Apple liqueur

¼ oz. of simple Syrup

Top with Moët Imperial

Pour Hennessy cognac, apple liqueur and simple syrup into shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously for approximately 10 seconds. Strain contents of shaker into a champagne glass, top glass slowly with Moët Imperial, then gently stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with apples.

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