4 Calgary Halloween Parties You Actually Want to Attend

Halloween has become like New Year’s Eve for many of us.

In other words – we’re over it.

If too many bad experiences with skanky Disney characters and intoxicated guys in animal suits are what you now associate with this ghoulish day, we’ve come up with a few things happening this weekend that might help you reclaim the fun…

1. Big Shiny Tunes Party
This will be one glorious evening of celebrating everything 90s including MuchMusic and that album that made you feel oh so cool when you were just hitting puberty.

CJSW and Sled Island are hosting an alternative drive down memory lane at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 with 17 different bands that will be covering songs off everyone’s favourite mixtape.

Get ready to rock out to Prodigy and sing along to classics like Smash Mouth’s “Walking On The Sun” and Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking In LA”.

Time to dance like everybody’s watching – without any shame.

2. Phantomly Fun
Scare yourself silly at Knox United on Friday night with a special screening of the original Phantom of the Opera (circa 1925).

There will be no 3D or special computer graphics in this film but we can assure you this silent horror classic will induce goosebumps. Organist David Baskeyfield is going to be providing the soundtrack and there are rumours of some unexpected guests showing up during the screening.

Word to the wise: Don’t get too comfortable.

3. Dude Abides
If you have a love for White Russians, free entrance, and film noir, then you’ll love the Big Lebowski party happening at National bowl on 10th Avenue.

Partygoers will be invited to lounge in house coats, throw a few strikes, and enjoy the cult classic playing in the background while downing a milky cocktail.

Just remember: this isn’t Nam, it’s bowling. There are rules.

4. Setting the Standard
In an effort to give you not one but two options for Halloween this year, the Standard is throwing a pair of really unique parties this weekend. 

Blame American Horror Story’s latest installation, Freak Show, but everyone is into the carnival theme these days. On October 31st Standard is hosting their own freakish affair and giving away prizes for best costume.

Bearded ladies, strong men, and sword swallowers are sure to be in the running for first place, but do us a favour and pass on going as the Siamese twins Bette and Dot Tattler – it seems clever until its time to share a washroom stall. 

For those of you who are more into the roaring twenties than the circus, Standard’s second fete is a Great Gatsby party on November 1st. 

Feather boas, champagne, dancing the Charleston, and using phrases like “marvelous, darling” are all recommended. 

Happy Halloween. 


Cover image from: istock.com/Remains

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