3643 St. Laurent Apt 200 Brings Back The House Party

Wow were we ever excited when this new hot spot opened its doors officially last night. Why, you might wonder? Well let’s start with this… house party! Yes indeed, remember those good ole times we used to have in high school and college? Remember the movie house party? Whatever happened to us hosting epic get-togethers filled with games, beers, laughs and, well, dance-offs?

Clearly 3643 St. Laurent Apt 200 (Yes that’s the actual name for now) recognized the nostalgia and need for this sort of vibe and re-created their vision that was highly inspired from apartment parties the owners experienced in Manhattan, Barcades in Brooklyn, and Montreal’s lacking of easygoing yet aesthetically pleasing watering holes. 

Who’s behind this fun little diddy? The magic duo of Zack Macklovich and Nathan Gannage of SuWu and Saintwoods partnered with A5 management and Kevin Latrem, a partner from the old Balroom, and one of the most well-known faces of the French YP scene in Montreal. The interior design was done by the creative mind of Amlyne Phillips of La Chambre Design.

Let’s check the location first. If you’re a regular on ‘The Main’, you’ll remember Balroom, and if you’re in the loop you’ll know that its doors shut and Apt 200 took over. The Apt is located on the second floor and requires you to trek up some stairs, which might prove trickier when you’re leaving… 

Once inside, the space feels exactly like the guys planned: a house party that takes you back to the 90s and the fun times. Think a huge space filled with everything that just screams happiness and fun. We’re talking classic arcade games (which are free to play on Sundays, by the way), pool tables, those basketball hoop games, an amazing hockey dome at the front of the room, and more. Don’t worry about stuffing your backpacks with change, they even have a change machine on site for all the games you’ll be hogging for hours. 

Décor-wise, imagine some of the coolest kids you know and what they’d throw in their pad. Vintage bicycles on the walls, chandeliers made of bottles, art work from Station 16, and by artists like Stikki Peaches, animal heads, vintage skiis… basically a mish-mash of cool everything.

The space has couches, a bedroom, a 16-foot dining table to enjoy with all your buddies, a central bar that is majorly packed considering the drinks are cheaper than our Venti Starbucks lattes and other furniture cleverly arranged to make you forget you’re at any sort of establishment.

If last night’s indication is what’s in store for this spot, this might just give a lot of existing places a big run for their money!