35 of Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Accusers Pose Together in Incredibly Powerful Photo

If you’ve somehow still been sitting on the fence (or not paying attention) to what’s been happening in the Bill Cosby allegation world, this photo should help you out.

This is what 35 women with 35 horrible (and eerily similar) stories look like.

New York Magazine got in touch with 35 of the 46 women who’ve come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Cosby and compiled their interviews, photographs, and stories. The most powerful photograph,is the cover image that depicts all 35 women together – alongside one empty chair to represent those who have not yet come forward/already have but are not in the photo.

And the sheer volume is overwhelming.

One sad question remains, however: how many more women will have to come forward before everyone is willing to see what a monster this man truly is? Follow #theemptychair to keep up with the discussion on social media and see the full-length photo below: