3 to 5 Coffees a Day Might Be Good For You, Says Best Study Ever

Happy Monday, young professionals.

Seriously, we actually mean it this time.

Enjoying your coffee? Mmmmm, just warms your soul and ever so gently brushes aside those weekend cobwebs, doesn’t it? Well feel free to have 2-4 more of those because it turns out a little extra jolt of java could very well be good for you.

Just last week, a US health panel released a report containing information and recommendations regarding healthier and more eco-friendly diets for US citizens. While the report does not yet constitute official guidelines for consumers, it does include some rather wonderful findings that have been passed on to the media.

For starters, the report claims that the available evidence “shows no appreciable relationship” between heart disease and the volume of dietary cholesterol you eat.

Translation: go ahead and order that Lobster Benny at Sunday brunch – eggs and shellfish may be off the naughty list pretty soon.

But by far the most notable commentary in the report was about everyone’s favourite bean; the coffee bean. 

According to the committee, there’s strong evidence that 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day (without cream, milk and sugar – sorry PSL addicts) could be a snug fit in what would be considered a “healthy diet”. The report even went as far as to cite consistent evidence that a regular coffee regimen is associated with reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes – the most common form of diabetes – and heart disease.

Young Professionals: 1
Mondays: 0

Better beef up the credit on those Starbucks cards; you’d be amazed how much espresso you can fit in a CamelBak. 


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