3 Reasons Why Jenny McCarthy is Still Relevant

Is anyone else surprised that Jenny McCarthy is still even talked about? Today, she is trending in a big way. Years ago, however, you would have forecasted that her career and relevancy would be over by now. Of course, we know her from our childhood and teen years as a wild blonde bombshell who shot to fame thanks to Playboy and her designation of Playmate of the Year. Call her an airhead, but the woman sure knows how to squeeze every ounce out of her fame. Here are three reasons why she is still relevant…

She is unstoppable (as much as some want her to stop)
Think Jenny McCarthy compared to fellow bombshell of times past Carmen Electra. McCarthy has managed to stay talked about, trending, and stalked by the paparazzi. There is no doubt that this is a result of her drive and determination to stay in the spotlight. As you may or may not know (we all have day jobs, after all), in September McCarthy even managed to secure the coveted role of a co-host on The View. She has also written nine books and is actively involved in promoting research (aka not shutting up about it) into environmental causes and alternative medical treatments for autism, a disease that her 11-year-old son Evan has been diagnosed with.

She keeps saying the wrong things
McCarthy has been slammed for her views against vaccines and has publically encouraged parents not to immunize their children against diseases in fear that it will cause autism. The problem is that her claim was based on research that has since been denounced as fraudulent. Yesterday, Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews slammed McCarthy, calling it “outrageously irresponsible” for celebrities like Jenny McCarthy to encourage parents not to immunize their children against potentially deadly diseases. She has done some back peddling on her views in recent years. In the face of harsh criticism, she recently claimed that she’s not anti-vaccine and never told parents not to have their children immunized. Her son’s autism diagnosis has also been questioned. That’s the kind of controversy that gets people talking.

She keeps her relationships in the public eye
McCarthy does a great job of flaunting her relationships and making who she is dating glaringly known to the world. Case in point: Jim Carrey. It seemed the world knew all about her relationship with Carrey. When they broke up, we also heard their dirty laundry, as she publically slammed Carrey for not staying in contact with her son. Most recently, in a match made in former pop culture heaven, she has been dating New Kids on the Block’s (yeah, we referenced them) Donnie Wahlberg, and announced her engagement to him yesterday on The View, spilling the proposal details to desperate housewives across North America. Wahlberg himself joined the ladies on the show, complete with a kiss. McCarthy must know how we all love to talk about Hollywood relationships – even hers.

Love her or hate her, Jenny McCarthy is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Cover image from: ebrianrose.com

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