28 Celebrities Hitting Toronto for TIFF 2014

By Lisa Lagace

In Toronto, September means one thing: TIFF.

For some people that means seeing all the movies they can in a 10-day span, while for others it simply means hiding in their basement and avoiding Yorkville at all costs.

This article, however, is for neither of them.

It’s for you: the celeb obsessed, in dire need of some famous selfies, TMZ has nothing on you, star hunter extraordinaire. 

Tomorrow we’ll be giving you the best places in Toronto to spot these celebrated faces, but for now, this is a list of everyone you need to know who’ll be hitting up TIFF in the days to come. 

Bill Murray
The comic genius brings his new comedy, St. Vincent, to TIFF this year. It should also be noted that September 5th has been declared “Bill Murray Day” – because of course it has.

Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds will be promoting his latest, The Voices. And at least half of us are wondering if his wife, Blake Lively, will be joining him in town.

Anna Kendrick
Also starring in The Voices, she has a second film to walk the carpet with in The Last Five YearsForm an orderly queue, gents.

James Franco
Franco will be here in support of his new film with Seth Rogan, The Sound and the Fury. And you never knowwhat to expect from Franco.

Robert Downey Jr.
He will be walking the red carpet for his latest, The Judge, which is the opening night film at the festival this year. Jury’s already out on his wit, though.

Tina Fey
Our favourite funny woman will be in town to support This Is Where I Leave YouWe want to go to there – wherever it is.

John Cusack
Cusack will be here to support Love & Mercy. And we all know that guy will say anything. (Sorry, we had to.)

Idris Elba
Attend the first screening of Second Coming for a chance to stare at Stringer Bell in the flesh. ‘Cause you know what we got here? We got an elastic product.

Mark Ruffalo & Zoe Saldana
They will both be here to promote their upcoming feature, Infinitely Polar Bear. Maybe you can get ashawarma with them.

Channing Tatum
No, he’s not here for a Magic Mike sequel. Catch him in person as he promotes Foxcatcher, also staring Mark Ruffalo.

Dustin Hoffman
The legendary actor will be here promoting his latest, Boychoir. And he’s always got some solid paternal wisdom.

Kristen Wiig
The funny lady will be here to support her upcoming dark comedy, Welcome to Me. And she’s ready to party.

Morgan Freeman
Freeman will take the stage in support of Ruth and Alex. You should see what he can do with a cat.

Denzel Washington
Denzel is back with The Equalizer, a film in which he plays a character that sounds exactly like every other character he’s played for about a decade now.

Kate Winslet
The star has come a long way from her Titanic entrance. Catch her in the closing night film, A Little Chaos. She probably won’t win an Oscar for it, though.  

Jennifer Aniston
The former Friend returns to TIFF in support of Cake. Want to feel old? ‘The Rachel’ haircut was twenty years ago.

Julianne Moore
The redhead will be here to support a few films, including Still. Let’s hope she doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Jake Gyllenhaal
We’re looking forward to seeing him play a freelance crime journalist in Nightcrawler. In case you were wondering, this is what creepy-handsome looks like.

Adrien Brody & Hayden Christensen
Both men take the carpet in support of their upcoming indie action thriller, American Heist. Which sounds like good currency for Christensen…

Adam Sandler
Sandler will be here to promote both Top Five, and Men, Women and Children. He’s come a long way from leaving poop on doorsteps.

Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, & Amanda Seyfried
They’re all scheduled to appear in support of While We’re Young, Noah Baumbach’s latest.  

Colin Ferrell & Jessica Chastain
These two hit the red carpet to support their upcoming co-bill, Miss Julie, in which Chastain’s character “convinces” Ferrell’s character to seduce her. Sounds rough.  

If you want more than just a spotting celebrities, however, consider attending TIFF’s Mavericks program, where Reese Witherspoon, Juliette Binoche, Richard Gere, Robert Duvall, and Jon Stewart will all participate in onstage discussions about their craft.

Directors hitting the festival this year include Roger Waters, David Cronenberg, James Franco, Chris Rock, Mike Leigh, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Alan Rickman, Lone Scherfig, Zhang Yimou, Noah Baumbach, Ethan Hawke, and Barry Levinson, among many more. 

Get your selfie face ready. 


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