27 Thoughts We Had While Watching Adele’s New Video for ‘Hello’

After a four year hiatus, Adele is back in our lives.

And if you thought she wasn’t going to make you have all the feels, you obviously forgot how much you bawled your eyes out the first time you heard ‘Someone Like You’, or how much you wanted to send ‘Rolling in the Deep’ to every single one of your exes.

Well, last Thursday Adele returned from the deep to devastate us once again.

Here are 27 thoughts we had while watching Adele’s new video ‘Hello’.


1. I’m already crying.

2. Oh, God, is that her?!

3. Wait, celebrities have bad cell reception too? They don’t have, like, super cell phones?

4. A flip phone?! Are you f*cking kidding me? No way Adele uses a flip phone.

Should I get a flip phone? Flip phones are pretty cool…

6. This house is too dusty for Adele. Why isn’t her assistant cleaning it for her?

7. Oh, God, her voice – she’s back, she’s really back!!

8. I’m crying again.

9. My heart hurts.

 I wonder what my grade 7 boyfriend is up to right now.

11. Now a home phone? What decade is this taking place in?


13. I wish Adele would call me. Oh man, what would I say to her? Could I tell her I loved her and that I think we’d be best friends or is that too much?

14. Oh gawd that chorus. I think my soul just had an orgasm.

Goose. Bumps. Everywhere.

16. He seems like a really kind and lovely guy. I wonder what happened.

17. It definitely wasn’t Adele’s fault. She would never hurt someone on purpose.

18. Why won’t he answer the phone. ANSWER THE PHONE, MAN – IT’S ADELE.

19. There is not enough Kleenex in this room.

20. I regret ever breaking up with anyone.

I will never date again. It just leads to pain and suffering. I’m just going to date this song.

22. She’s trying! Just answer the phone already.

23. Nails on fleek.

24. I feel all the things.

25. I wonder who made that jacket.

26. I will answer every phone call from now on. Forever.

27. I need to listen to that again. And again. I’m calling in sick today.