27 Surprising Small Moments of Joy Everyone Experiences

You wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Stuck in traffic. Your boss gives the other guy the promotion. Your favourite coffee costs an unreasonable $5 every day. Lineups for literally everything.

We all have a million little things that get us down all the time.

But on the flipside, there are so many amazing little things that happen each day that balance out the bad.

Here are some of those moments that we are all lucky enough to experience, moments that can instantly make you forget about your no good, very bad day.


1. When that pair of pants you bought on a whim ends up fitting perfectly.

2. Finding $5 in your pocket/the couch/the street.

3. Managing to snag the best parking spot available in a packed lot.

4. When everyone at the party asks you for the recipe for the dish you brought.

5. The smell of fresh laundry right out of the dryer (and the feeling of putting it on right away on a cool day).


7. Making eye contact with a stranger’s happy, curious baby.

8. Dogs in pretty much any (positive) situation, but especially at the office.

9. When you find out the traffic jam (or streetcar diversion) is because there’s a parade or a protest for a cause you fully support.

10. The way your teeth feel brand new after a dental cleaning.

11. When someone on the subway is reading the exact same book as you and you silently acknowledge each other’s great taste.

12. Taking a clean, dry, spotless load of dishes out of the dishwasher and realizing you’ll never have to hand wash a load of dishes again.

13. Going backstage at pretty much any event.

14. Getting the trivia question that stumped everyone else right.

15. Witnessing someone you don’t know get engaged.

16. Finding things in library books: pressed flowers, old love notes, inscriptions, interesting markups, and observations in the text.

17. Getting to meet your favourite musician, author, actor, director, baseball player…

18. Trying a new food item as an adult and finding out it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted (hello, avocados and lychees).

19. When the weather calls for a thunderstorm but the sun shines instead.


20. When you are tagged in a very flattering photo.

21. When the mailman delivers you a package instead of a bill.

22. Staying in the car once you’ve reached your destination because your favourite song just came on.

23. You hear from an old friend just as you were thinking about them.

24. Making eye contact with your partner across the room at a party.

25. Your boss writes you a stellar recommendation letter.

26. Witnessing history as it is happening. It might be watching the Blue Jays win the World Series for the first time in decades, or watching an Olympian break the world record, or watching a Presidential inauguration for the first black or female president; at some point in your life, you are going to be able to look back at some historic event and say, “I was there.”

27. Random acts of kindness, whether it’s something someone does for you, or you witness someone go out of their way to help a stranger out. These moments are always the best at reminding us that the world isn’t such a dark place after all.