21 Songs From the 90s Only a Canadian Can Feel Nostalgic About

It’s #TBT time.

Yes, we here at Notable are getting nostalgic and reminiscing about the good old days – complete with a soundtrack. You know, when our cellphones weighed more than our groceries and LA Gear was cooler than a pair of Jordan’s.

Only if you could “light ‘em up” thou.

So we asked ourselves, what makes us feel more nostalgic (and older) than ever?

Music of course.

Here to awaken your MC Hammer pants wearing, Walkman listening, Saved by the Bell watching inner child is a list of 21 Canadian songs that once had you rocking at your high school prom. Or in detention for telling your teacher to ‘Eat Your Shorts’…

Bass Is Base — I Cry

Len — Steal My Sunshine

The Gandharvas – The First Day of Spring

The Watchmen – All Uncovered

Bran Van 3000 — Drinking In L.A.

I Mother Earth – So Gently We Go

Moist — Push

Rascalz — Northern Touch

Tal BachmanShe’s So High 

Sarah McLachlan — Sweet Surrender

Snow — Informer

Bryan Adams – Everything I do, I do it for you

Odds – It Falls Apart

Crash Test Dummies – Superman’s Song

Econoline Crush – Sparkle and Shine

KD Lang – Constant Craving

Neil Young – Harvest Moon

Sven Gali – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Boomtang Boys – You Can Be My Squeeze Toy

Our Lady Peace — Naveed

Matthew Good Band – Apparitions



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