21 Headlines We Want to See on BuzzFeed.ca

Let’s get this out of the way: BuzzFeed.ca does not exist.

But maybe it should. 

We recently stumbled across an interesting story about a Buzzfeed clone in India, ScoopWhoop, and how it skyrocketed to success by covering quintessentially Indian topics that the domestic population could connect to.

And though Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty relatable across North America, there are some aspects of pop culture South of the Border we simply couldn’t care less about.  

So here are 21 headlines we’d love to see on our very own version of the world’s biggest collection of lists…

1. 187 Quebecois Words Parisians Don’t Understand

2. 196 Countries That Have At Least One Person Living in Toronto

3. 17 Pro Hockey Players That Wanted to Do Something Else Growing Up


4. The Inspiring Stories of 43 Owners Who’d Rather Sell Their Tim Horton’s Franchise Than Join Burger King

5. 2 Other Things You Can Do With Skates if Your Backyard Pond Doesn’t Freeze

6. These 13 Criminals Thinks They Can Have a Beer at Trinity Bellwoods Park


7. The 14 Best Ways to Spend 20 Minutes Outside Before Getting Frostbite in Calgary

8. These 9 Snowbanks Are Taller Than Jerry Sokoloski

9. 7 Other Drugs Justin Trudeau Probably Took After Becoming an MP

10. You Can’t Say You’re From Vancouver if You Live in These 16 Surrounding Towns and Cities

11. Can You Tell the Difference Between Rush Hour and Non-Rush Hour in these 24 Photos of the 401?

12. Protesting Protests: Montreal’s Latest ‘Thing’


13. Where Does Smoking Crack Rank Among These 8 Global Mayor Scandals?

14. 9 International Telecommunications Companies That Aren’t Allowed to Permeate the Monopoly

15. 28 Pretty Great Canadian Bridges That Felt Like Sh*t After the Confederation Bridge Was Built

16. You Won’ Believe These Eery Similarities Between the Book Collections of Thomas Mulclair and Karl Marx

17. Canada is Bigger Than These 48 Countries Combined

18. 26 Canadians We Wish the United States Hadn’t Turned Into Celebrities


19. Where Do the Alberta Tar Sands Rank Among These 12 Man-Made Disasters?

20. 0 Things Better Than Having Free Healthcare

21. 14 More Canadian Events That Should Have Their Own ‘Heritage Moment’


Cover image from: http://somefun.net

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